100 Technology Research Paper Topics

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Tips on How to Select the Best Technology Research Paper Topics?

Use different sources. Nowadays, we have access to a large number of resources, allowing us to quickly explore all sorts of materials. A fragment from a monograph or a video on YouTube? Everything depends on you.

Share your impressions of what you read. Discussing the workflow with your supervisor or friends, you can not only consolidate the information you have learned but also determine the direction of your search for the best idea.

Don’t stop exploring. Every day more and more exciting things and events appear in the world. It is not surprising that a large portion of the latter is associated with high technology. It will be a nice solution to stay abreast of new developments and approaches. Social networks and various Internet sites containing significant materials will be useful for this.

List of Technology Research Paper Topics

  1. Virtual reality in the space of aesthetic experience.
  2. Comparative analysis of various audio data storage formats.
  3. Web design as a tool for modeling the external space of modern culture.
  4. Use of new technologies in the workplace.
  5. Prospects for the impact of robotics on socio-economic development.
  6. Virtual reality as a narrative.
  7. Reconstruction of a three-dimensional model.
  8. Develop infected competence through a business game.
  9. Human corporeality in the environment of convergent technologies.
  10. Development of computational intelligence in the video game industry.
  11. Improving the technology of manual collection of hop cones.
  12. Using assembler to study computer architecture.
  13. Modern technologies for additive manufacturing.
  14. 3D printing technologies and materials for production equipment spare parts.
  15. Information technology in the advertising sector in the context of the digitalization of the economy.
  16. Microcomputers of new protected architecture.
  17. Classification and perspective directions of using augmented reality technology.
  18. Webinar as a form of e-learning.
  19. Modern information technologies as a tool for accounting automation.
  20. Semiotic structure of virtual reality.

20 Great Technology Research Paper Topics

  1. Digital revolution and existential identity crisis.
  2. Implementation of design patterns in Python.
  3. Applied programs for the development of hearing.
  4. Medico-social aspects of the computerization of society.
  5. Artificial intelligence from the perspective of jurisprudence.
  6. Recognition of musical scores using neural networks.
  7. The influence of various elements of cultivation technology.
  8. Specificity of new communication technologies.
  9. The computer is an assistant to people with disabilities.
  10. Wolfram technologies in teaching game theory.
  11. Equalization and compression in-studio sound engineering.
  12. Trends in the use of active gaming teaching methods.
  13. Computer games as an element of mass political culture and communication.
  14. Automation of the creating music.
  15. Video lecture technology.
  16. Psychological specificity of the cognitive sphere of gamers.
  17. Eclipse plugins to speed up the development of programs for digital control systems.
  18. Specificity of technological processes of laser processing.
  19. Functional and technological properties of the use of vegetable proteins.
  20. Soviet technology for creating the myth of gender equality.

20 Information Technology Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of information technology in shaping the image of an educational institution.
  2. Specificity of computer data processing in spreadsheets.
  3. Modeling of historical processes with the help of computer technologies.
  4. Representation of appearance in the conditions of new media.
  5. Information technology in the calculations of oil and gas equipment.
  6. Analysis of layer blending modes in Photoshop.
  7. Prevention of child pornography distributed on the Internet.
  8. Computer technologies in clothing design.
  9. Innovations in tourism based on information technologies.
  10. Robotics in agrochemistry of precision farming.
  11. Computer technologies for processing the results of scientific research.
  12. Quantum-cryptographic encryption methods in modern information security systems.
  13. Information and communication technologies in the educational process.
  14. Problems of epistolary communication in information technology development.
  15. The study of the necessary components of non-linear video games.
  16. Digital restoration and computer modeling of patterned fabrics.
  17. Fundamentals of methods for investigating fraud on the Internet.
  18. The consequences of the use of information technology in social production.
  19. Modern information technologies of cryptographic data protection.
  20. Trends in the development of space robotics.

20 Computer Technology Research Paper Topics

  1. Verification and analysis of various operating systems.
  2. Theoretical analysis of the efficiency of using Linux.
  3. The use of information technology in management activities.
  4. Functions and capabilities of libraries for the Python programming language in recurrent networks.
  5. Messengers as a means of expanding vocabulary.
  6. Overview of process and resource management tools for multiprocessor operating systems.
  7. Loss of operating system performance.
  8. Technologies for the development of educational web resources.
  9. Domain-oriented technologies for developing applications in distributed environments.
  10. Problems of legal regulation of reproductive technologies.
  11. Computer technology is a tool for teaching foreign languages.
  12. Tools for cross-platform development of mobile applications.
  13. Comparative analysis of Microsoft Office and Libre Office software products.
  14. Analysis of typical errors in Linux drivers.
  15. Applications of blockchain technology in transport.
  16. Integration of Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer for more efficient remote control.
  17. Technologies for creating and using chatbots.
  18. Designing interactive web applications.
  19. Sound restoration technologies.
  20. Information resources in geoinformatics.

20 IT Technology Research Paper Topics

  1. The video game industry is a factor in the development of the global IT market.
  2. Modern technologies in medical education as a means of teaching students.
  3. The specifics of creating lexicographic databases.
  4. Fraud on the Internet is one of the main threats to the formation of the information society.
  5. Formalization of data in the programming language 1C.
  6. Research of consumer demand in the segment of potential consumers of gaming content.
  7. Development of a methodology for comparative testing of anti-virus products.
  8. The use of virtual simulators in the training of endo surgeons.
  9. Features of designing corporate networks.
  10. Approaches to developing cross-platform applications in C++.
  11. Development of a client-server application based on the FTP protocol.
  12. Prospects for the development of basic database technology standards.
  13. New information technologies in linguistics.
  14. Classification of encryption algorithms used to protect data.
  15. Features of the implementation of open online courses in additional professional education.
  16. Simulacra and virtualization technologies in the information society.
  17. Website development using JavaScript technology.
  18. Certification of anti-virus protection tools according to new information security requirements.
  19. Radio engineering in process automation.
  20. Modern information technologies in navigation.

15 Technology Research Paper Ideas

  1. What changes in presenting visual material have been made by computer technologies?
  2. What contributes to the integration of information technology in human life?
  3. How to counteract the use of social networks for the distribution of drugs?
  4. What are the benefits of Microsoft Office 365?
  5. How do computer games affect the lives of teenagers?
  6. What are the top programs for removing noise from audio files?
  7. How has digitalization affected traditional methods of education during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  8. What is the role of simulation educational technologies?
  9. Why messengers can be useful for journalists?
  10. What are the advantages of using a 3D printer in construction?
  11. How does web design affect the usability of a site?
  12. What are the ways to direct students to information technology?
  13. How to identify fraud in the field of computer information?
  14. What is the difference between C++ and Pascal programming languages?
  15. What are the stages in the evolution of database technologies?

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