120 Sociology Research Paper Topics

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Tips on How to Select the Best Sociology Research Paper Topics?

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Turn everything into a source of inspiration. Sociology is on a par with many humanitarian and technical-scientific fields. Thanks to this, reviewing various Sociology research paper topics, you will combine the most unexpected ideas, creating exciting work.

Follow the news in the chosen scientific direction. Continuous development is one of the characteristic features of modernity, extending to all spheres of life. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the various innovations and the emergence of new personalities. Check out the materials presented in public sources to speed up the search.

List of Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. The formation of medieval gender ideologies.
  2. The issue of identity in Japanese society.
  3. Theoretical foundations for the study of suicide as a social phenomenon.
  4. Social features of the simulation of the city in “The Sims”.
  5. Prerequisites for the emergence of radical forms of social protest.
  6. The life of Egyptian society from the perspective of the sociology of identity.
  7. Neo-Weberian sociology on the origins of Russian communism.
  8. The phenomenon of fame from the point of view of sociology.
  9. The influence of social inequality on the formation of patriotism.
  10. Religious attributes of the mysteries in the Greco-Roman society.
  11. Fundamentals of the sociology of the sacred by Roger Caillois.
  12. Psychoanalysis of transformation in the conditions of metamodern.
  13. Various problems of a sociology of culture.
  14. Social mechanisms of suicidal behavior.
  15. Psychoanalytic orientation in clinical sociology.
  16. Self-preservation behavior as a factor in prolonging life activity.
  17. Sociological analysis of parents’ motivation to prevent dental diseases.
  18. Nutrition is an object of sociology and a marker of social inequality.
  19. Youth counterculture is a radical challenge.
  20. Sociological dimensions of Korean multiculturalism.

20 Health Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. Social parameters of the professional space of medicine.
  2. The problem of public health in the history of French sociology.
  3. Sociological analysis of medical care consumption strategies.
  4. Optimization of the professional qualities of a modern doctor.
  5. Quality of life of adolescents related to reproductive health.
  6. Relationships between the doctor and the patient.
  7. Gender differences in health practices
  8. Discrimination against HIV-infected people.
  9. Sociological research of drug and other addictions.
  10. Consumers of medical services in budgetary organizations.
  11. Various categories of sociology of medicine.
  12. Models of therapeutic relations in sociological paradigms.
  13. The relationship between health and material condition.
  14. A sociological study of the problems of HIV-infected patients.
  15. Inequalities in access to primary health care.
  16. The role of patient typology in assessing the quality of medical care.
  17. Factors in the professionalization of nurses in psychiatry.
  18. Specificity of sociology of deviant behavior.
  19. Medicalization is a social phenomenon.
  20. Stigmatization of people with mental disorders.

20 Sociology of Social Media Research Paper Topics

  1. Factors of the formation of Internet addiction.
  2. Internet addiction of the youth of megacities.
  3. Identity features of adolescent Internet users.
  4. Idealization of eating disorders in virtual space.
  5. Translation of socio-cultural codes in the creation of an information product.
  6. Constructs of femininity and masculinity in Internet discourse.
  7. Self-presentation in virtual communication.
  8. Features of gender stereotyping on the Internet.
  9. The influence of Internet communications on political conflicts.
  10. Trends in the development of social networks.
  11. Blogging and youth socialization.
  12. Simulation essence of social networks.
  13. Internet surveys as a tool for indicating latent trends among drug users.
  14. Sociological nature of text categories.
  15. Internet communication between a doctor and a patient.
  16. The discourse of corporality in the body-positive blogs.
  17. Social factors of the formation of risk behavior of young people.
  18. The boundary between private and public space.
  19. Social media and modern political activity.
  20. Internet addiction as a cause of family conflicts.

20 Sociology of Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Actualization of the problems of social education at the university.
  2. Optimization of the process of teaching sociology.
  3. Social adaptation of students with disabilities.
  4. Islamic universities and education reform in the Muslim world.
  5. Gender communication in modern higher education.
  6. The sociological aspect of interactive learning.
  7. Gender differences in the education of people with disabilities.
  8. Paradigmatic ethical problems of communication with students.
  9. The use of Internet technologies in teaching sociological disciplines.
  10. The sociological aspect of the technology of self-education.
  11. Ways to monitor student satisfaction with studying.
  12. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and modern educational paradigm.
  13. Social risks of e-learning in a digital society.
  14. Motivation for higher education in the context of choosing a profession.
  15. Factors of formation of educational strategies for children.
  16. Social predictors of teenage bullying.
  17. Social and professional adaptation of young teachers.
  18. Perception of gender dysphoria among students.
  19. Intercultural communication and modernization of educational activities.
  20. Sociology of education in the Soviet Union.

20 Sociology of Gender Research Paper Topics

  1. Gender hate speech in modern media.
  2. Psychoanalytic ideas about gender.
  3. Gender aspect of pilgrimage in Islam.
  4. Non-binary gender identity outside of psychiatric discourse.
  5. Gender identity in schizophrenia spectrum disorders.
  6. Gender behavior of the early modern French ruling elite.
  7. The occurrence of gender dysphoria.
  8. Gender dysphoria in the structure of psychosis.
  9. The evolution of views on women’s work.
  10. Gender socialization in adolescence.
  11. Hegemonic masculinity in Western cinema.
  12. Gender transformations of life structures in the Soviet Union.
  13. Formation of sexual self-identification.
  14. Gender representation in Weimar Germany.
  15. The embodiment of gender transformations in fashion.
  16. Gender identification in Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club”.
  17. Gender inequality in Korean society.
  18. Gender as interpreted by Judith Butler.
  19. Masculinity in the socialization of urban adolescents.
  20. Gender stereotypes in TV commercials for Barbie dolls.

20 Sociology of Culture Research Paper Topics

  1. The Japanese family in the context of the transformation of mass culture.
  2. Modern musical culture from Theodor Adorno’s perspective.
  3. Formation of gender stereotypes of consumer behavior by advertising.
  4. Funeral ritual form and the interaction of social institutions.
  5. Brand as a sociocultural phenomenon.
  6. A symbol in the semiotic analysis of urban culture.
  7. Formation of sexual culture in the Soviet Union.
  8. Cultural practices in the context of social stratification.
  9. Analysis of sociological studies of non-traditional religiosity.
  10. The impact of memes on Internet users.
  11. Sociology of mass spiritual formations.
  12. Aestheticization of everyday life in the ideology of the counterculture.
  13. The social phenomenon of glossy magazines.
  14. Infantilism is a type of worldview and a social disease.
  15. Social factors of tourism development in our days.
  16. Sociocultural tradition and foreign policy mentality of modern China.
  17. Myth and mythology of the city in the text of culture.
  18. Ritual is a specific type of social practice.
  19. Effective strategies for interaction in conflict.
  20. Postmodernism and sociology in a crisis.

10 Sociology Research Paper Ideas

  1. How does social media affect body perception?
  2. What is the specificity of the concept of totalitarian bureaucracy?
  3. Why do we need a standardized method of the sociological survey in health care?
  4. What are the differences between the approaches to considering gender identity?
  5. What is the role of cultural mechanisms in social change?
  6. Conflict of generations or models of communication?
  7. What is common in the organization of social space in modern and traditional societies?
  8. How did social education begin?
  9. What is the influence of Max Weber’s ideas?
  10. What are the factors of youth drug addiction?

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