Social Media Research Paper Topics – the List for Any Case

Social media have become an integral part of our lives. We spend hours on Facebook and Instagram, reading our friends’ posts, finding new products, and self-educating. However, the overwhelming popularity of these networks has already caused caution among experts as it’s increasingly associated with depression, low self-esteem, and social isolation.

Thus, you’re sure to face a need to compose an assignment about this topic for a class connected with media, journalism, and communication. Here we offer a handy list of social media research paper topics to help you complete a valuable, interesting piece.

How to Select a Social Media Research Paper Topic

Choosing a topic shouldn’t be a hassle if you use our expert recommendations:

  • Follow your passion

It’s always much more enjoyable to explore a subject you’re curious about, thus expanding your knowledge and becoming a more intelligent person. So, think about this subject and pick a couple of options perplexing you for some time. You’ll be amazed to see how easy your essay production process will become.

  • Make a topic debatable.

The basis of any reasonable argument is respect for both sides. Thus, even if you have a predetermined position on some subject, you need to give credit to opponents’ claims.

  • Check the availability of research.

It’s hard to compose a valuable academic piece on a topic that no one has ever explored before you. So, before starting the writing process, check whether there is substantially supportive evidence on Google and academic databases to back your claims.

  • Stay within the assigned subject.

The professor’s prompt usually gives some hints or topic suggestions. Make sure you don’t deviate too much from the assigned subject; this may cause you vital grade points.

20 Research Paper Topics on Social Media

  1. The impact of social media on human interaction.
  2. The destructive impact of Instagram on self-esteem.
  3. Instagram and orthorexia.
  4. Why is the use of filters wrong?
  5. Heavy social media use and depression.
  6. Is there any connection between social media use and suicide?
  7. The need for legal regulations for influencers’ rhetoric.
  8. The power and illusion of Photoshopped images.
  9. The positive impact of social networks on negative stereotypes.
  10. The rise of Facebook as a sign of democracy.
  11. Popularization of science.
  12. The focus on social problems in popular networks.
  13. The use of Twitter by terrorists.
  14. Content filtering and thread optimization.
  15. The impact of information overload on human health.
  16. The use of SMM by startups.
  17. Taboos for SM publishing.
  18. Impact of heavy media uses on psychological health and disorder onset.
  19. Cyber-bullying on Instagram and Facebook.
  20. Is it a good time for kids’ social network creation?

20 Mass Media Research Topics

  1. The prospects of SMM in the next 10 years.
  2. User privacy and confidentiality.
  3. How can you tell that you are Instagram-addicted?
  4. Determinants of SMM effectiveness.
  5. Is blogging a real profession today?
  6. Blogging and vlogging: innovative high-paying jobs.
  7. Is it time to create cyber police?
  8. Why do people spend more and more time on media every day?
  9. Is heavy social media use equal to a fake life?
  10. The new culture underlying social network use.
  11. Instagram girls: the impact on body image and self-esteem.
  12. The secrets to success of the world’s top-followed Instagram accounts.
  13. Facebook addiction among teenagers.
  14. The revolution in marketing brought by SMM.
  15. The evolution of social media user trends during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  16. How is communication changing with the rise of social networks?
  17. Tips for building a strong media presence for a startup.
  18. Age-stratified SMM: is it really effective?
  19. Traditional versus digital journalism.
  20. Use of children in SMM advertising: the boundaries of ethics.

Final Tip

Here is a list of social media research paper topics we personally recommend for every aspiring learner at the Communication and Media department wishing to impress their professor with top-notch content. However, even if you have no time or resources to write that paper on your own, we can suggest a wise way out.

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