120 Science Research Paper Topics

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Tips on How to Select the Best Science Research Paper Topics?

Share your concerns. It will not be a good idea to try to cope with difficulties alone. Conversation with a professor or a friend can not only help relieve anxiety but also inspire.

Self-development is above all. Many phenomena of different scientific fields are interdisciplinary. Reading scientific articles will be a great item on your to-do list. This will help you not only find an idea for the paper but also brush up on the rules of writing and formatting.

Focus on narrower topics. Remember that this aspect ensures the uniqueness of the paper. In the beginning, it is possible to choose a broader issue, gradually exploring more specific aspects.

List of Science Research Paper Topics

  1. The essence of mentality and its functioning in society.
  2. The archetype of the apocalypse and its verbalization in media texts.
  3. Psychological mechanisms of regulation of human life.
  4. Implementation of solutions to protect the population after the Chernobyl accident.
  5. Technophilicity of chemical elements at the beginning of the 21st century.
  6. Modern cryptosystems and their features.
  7. Psychological mechanisms of regulation of human life.
  8. Specificity of discourse and descriptive model of the speech genre.
  9. Dead ends of sophistry and spaces of philosophy.
  10. Atheism as a Soviet version of secularity.
  11. Features of protection of geographical indications.
  12. Pharmacological-resistant neuropathic pain.
  13. Features of the Spanish language in Florida.
  14. Gender equality and Buddhist culture.
  15. Cuban Science and Technology.
  16. The manifestation of psychologism in the novels by Stephen King.
  17. Constructivist paradigm in the study of nationalism and national issues.
  18. Cultural heritage is a form of trans-memory.
  19. Distribution of toxoplasmosis and methods of its laboratory diagnosis.
  20. Harlequin’s grotesque in the work of Somerset Maugham.

20 Science Topics for High School Research Papers

  1. The concept of spirituality in the epic poems of Homer.
  2. Sentimentality in the modern era.
  3. The music festival is a cultural phenomenon.
  4. Mythologization of things is a way of creating artistic reality.
  5. Information fight against international terrorism.
  6. External factor of the transformation of totalitarian regimes.
  7. Patriotic foundations of ancient Olympism.
  8. Children’s games in the Soviet Union.
  9. The nature and degree of conflict in the primitive herd.
  10. The magical functions of food.
  11. Figure skating as a synthesis of art and sport.
  12. Sacred rocks in the system of cultural landscapes.
  13. Effectiveness of medical organizations.
  14. Language carnival is a mirror of reality.
  15. Empathy as a psychological mechanism for self-development.
  16. The synergetics of the author’s and protagonist’s images in the literary text.
  17. Paleogenetic reconstruction of the Stone Age.
  18. Africa as a subject of cultural development.
  19. Space methods for forecasting and prospecting for diamond deposits.
  20. Design project of a woman’s dress using 3D printing technology.

20 Good Science Research Paper Topics

  1. Mass communication and media discourse.
  2. The Victorian country house is a mirror of the lifestyle of the time.
  3. Dorama and anime reflect Japanese cultural identity.
  4. The mythical and magical in British children’s literature.
  5. Upper Paleolithic in Africa and Eurasia and the formation of modern humans.
  6. Nietzsche’s assessment of the ancient cultural heritage.
  7. The potential of the TikTok social network in promoting the company.
  8. Precise injection of liquid mineral fertilizers.
  9. Spread of fake news during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. Color designation systems in ancient Indo-European languages.
  11. Fidel Castro’s role in the formation and development of Cuba.
  12. The use of the hashtag on Instagram.
  13. Semiotics of inscriptions on T-shirts.
  14. Jew’s harp and its ethnographic and ethnocultural features.
  15. Dead ends of sophistry and spaces of philosophy.
  16. The piano keyboard is an information system.
  17. Neuropsychology of emotional disorders in alcohol dependence.
  18. Typology and specificity of verbal interpretations of Chinese paintings.
  19. Revolution and tradition in Italian poetry: Aldo Palazzeschi and Eugenie Montale.
  20. Magic and aesthetics in Japanese ritual folklore and early literature.

20 Interesting Science Research Paper Topics

  1. The range of concentrations of chemical elements in the animal’s body.
  2. Terrorism in an information-semiotic and mythological context.
  3. Destructive cults and totalitarian sects as a source of the spread of religious extremism.
  4. Broadcasting of patterns of attachment in generations of the family.
  5. Neuroethics of biotechnology for human cognitive improvement.
  6. The innovative capitalist way of development.
  7. Cyberspace is discourse: humanizing aspects.
  8. Axiological space is a condition for the formation of a creative personality.
  9. Performative ritual acts of sacred communication.
  10. Globalization and the dialogue of cultures: the problem of values.
  11. The phenomenon of recreation of architectural monuments.
  12. Condensation of political mythology.
  13. The anatomical rationale for the implantation of artificial supports for dentures.
  14. Technogenic impact on the natural processes of the Earth.
  15. Spread of fake news during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  16. Slogans for movies are speech acts.
  17. Manipulative technologies for influencing the media.
  18. Fundamentals of food safety.
  19. Features of translating films with subtitles.
  20. Knowledge and skills of oral hygiene of pregnant women.

20 Life Science Research Paper Topics

  1. Dissemination of “suicidal content” in the cyberspace of the English-speaking Internet.
  2. Psychological analysis of the dynamics of professional self-determination.
  3. Social patterns of the formation and development of relations of hired labor.
  4. Socialization and self-realization in the system of continuous education.
  5. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on society: a socio-psychological analysis.
  6. Gender inequality in employment.
  7. Diet and eating habits among young people.
  8. Representation of the Oedipus complex in the image of Harry Potter.
  9. The phenomenon of jealousy from the standpoint of Sigmund Freud.
  10. Human Development Movements.
  11. Family and children in the life attitudes of the French.
  12. Gender non-verbal behavior in the context of intercultural communication.
  13. The social infrastructure of rural areas.
  14. The socio-psychological climate of the team and personality.
  15. Development of critical thinking in media education.
  16. Three Waves of Populism in Latin America.
  17. Smoking among doctors and their willingness to help patients quit smoking.
  18. Diagnostics of the subjective reality of personality using Tarot cards.
  19. A cultural and religious analysis of samurai traditions.
  20. Cartoons as a factor shaping children’s subculture.

20 Physical Science Research Paper Topics

  1. Solar modulation of galactic cosmic rays.
  2. Quantum mechanics Richard Phillips Feynman’s perspective.
  3. The infinite power of motive force in Aristotelian physics.
  4. Paradoxes of the Rutherford-Bohr model.
  5. Robotics is an object of study in studying Physics.
  6. Leonardo da Vinci is the first medical physicist.
  7. Physics is one of the forms of modern philosophy.
  8. Study of Large Hadron Collider from the standpoint of jurisprudence.
  9. Adiabatic process in industrial equipment.
  10. Heat transfer and hydrodynamics in the elements of a thermoacoustic engine.
  11. Producing ash microspheres using low-temperature plasma.
  12. Cultural aspect in studying Physics.
  13. Results of observational studies of black holes.
  14. Influence of electron gas on thermoacoustics of conductors under laser action.
  15. Flow structure and heat transfer during the separation of a pulsating flow.
  16. Positive and negative aspects of the technological singularity.
  17. Electrons in a curved quantum wire
  18. Stages of the formation of quantum mechanics.
  19. Physics in the context of music.
  20. Quasiperiodic oscillations in nature and technology.

10 Science Research Paper Ideas

  1. What is the nature of the myth?
  2. How can one counteract the conditions of globalization?
  3. Is copywriting in online media a new kind of journalism?
  4. What are the prospects for aversive therapy in narcology?
  5. How to distinguish various models of post-industrialism?
  6. What are the cultural foundations of modern thanatology?
  7. How to overcome the anxiety stage?
  8. What is the role of interaction with the audience in modern political communication?
  9. What are the trends in consumer behavior during the pandemic?
  10. What archetypes can be found in George Orwell’s dystopias?

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