90+ BEST Research Paper Topics to Use in 2022

Writing a research paper is always a hassle, especially if you don’t have an assigned topic and have the freedom to choose anything. Many students don’t like that level of freedom as they are confused by the multitude of available variants and cannot choose a narrow, specific subject for their study. To help you out, we have singled out the best research paper topics ideas for college students, so you can pick any topic from the list and be sure about your assignment’s success.

How to Select the Best Research Paper Topics

When it comes to research paper topic selection, many students find this project hard and challenging. Indeed, with so many options to consider, you may feel unable to pick the right one. Here are some tips to get you started:

#1 Follow Your Interest

Education should make us better, smarter persons every day, so you need to choose a topic that will advance your knowledge. So, study the list of trending, hot research topics within your academic area and pick the one you’re interested in. In this way, you will get a grade for the written piece and at the same time close a knowledge gap after examining that topic in detail.

#2 Choose Something Familiar

It’s much simpler to write on the topic about which you have some basic knowledge and understanding instead of following an untrodden path. Obviously, there is no learning without exploration of something new. Yet, if you have little time for a particular assignment and need to maximize the chances of writing it quickly, it’s recommended to pick a familiar subject.

#3 Assess the Availability of Data

Next, you need to check whether there is substantial evidence available online, in Google Scholar or your college databases, to substantiate your claims and back up your ideas on the subject you’ve picked. Every professor dedicates much attention to whether you analyzed the data well, so don’t lose essential grade points by not using supportive evidence from credible sources.

#4 Pick a Stand

The final point in the topic selection process is to choose a position that you will be arguing in the paper. As a rule, the best topics for research papers should be debatable, meaning that there should be at least two different perspectives on the subject. You may formulate a clear thesis statement and craft arguments for further paper structuring by picking one position.

However, it’s always helpful to give credit to the opposing arguments as well. Your argument looks much more competent once you cite them and use reliable facts to refute them.

30 Good Research Paper Topics 2022

  1. The impact of growing eco-awareness and consciousness on global climate change.
  2. How can women be effectively empowered today?
  3. Pressing issues and problems in the modern cities.
  4. What should a smart city look like to meet modern needs?
  5. Advancements of sociology research and its applications.
  6. Do women need to join the military in greater numbers?
  7. Issues surrounding the existence of the death penalty in some countries.
  8. Humane methods of prisoner punishment.
  9. Challenges of criminal reintegration in the community.
  10. How can doctors doing abortions be protected from protesters?
  11. Is racial equality possible without affirmative action legislation?
  12. The manifestations of reverse discrimination.
  13. Should the state be separated from the church in the 21st century?
  14. Many face discrimination in education.
  15. The future of national standardized tests.
  16. Curriculum reforms are needed for genuinely multicultural education.
  17. Who bears responsibility for school violence: parents or teachers?
  18. Under what grounds can corporal punishment be justified?
  19. The causes of grade inflation in the USA.
  20. The future of homeschooling.
  21. Should the government be sanctioned to regulate internet content?
  22. Does easier access to information make contemporary children smarter?
  23. The comparison of risks and benefits of vaccination.
  24. Weightlifting vs. aerobic exercise – which is better for weight loss?
  25. The impact of legal drugs (tobacco, alcohol, coffee) on human cognition.
  26. Should fast-food advertising be regulated more strictly?
  27. What is the legitimacy of alternative medicine?
  28. The psychological and social causes of anorexia.
  29. Illicit use of antibiotics in food production: the need for better regulation.
  30. What is the real value of food supplements for human health?

25 College Research Paper Topics

  1. How can undiagnosed dyslexia affect the child’s life?
  2. The harms of fad diets.
  3. Is ADHD a real disease?
  4. How are fast food and depression connected?
  5. Research advancements for cancer: new insights into causes and treatment approaches.
  6. The inevitability of Alzheimer’s disease: a new debate.
  7. What has COVID-19 taught us about viral epidemics?
  8. The biological roots of sociopathy.
  9. Codependency in a romantic relationship: constructive or destructive?
  10. Is there enough evidence in support of euthanasia legalization?
  11. Technology and communication decline.
  12. Differences in male and female communication via body language.
  13. Ethical issues related to child use in marketing.
  14. Controversial political aids: the need for better regulation.
  15. How does anti-terrorism legislation limit human freedoms?
  16. Practical ways of improving race relations.
  17. The evolution of public attitudes to interracial marriage.
  18. The causes of gender discrimination.
  19. The phenomenon of positive sexism.
  20. Attendance of boy-only or girl-only schools and educational attainment.
  21. What factors should determine research funding allocation?
  22. Patents for generic drugs: the accessibility debate.
  23. Campus safety measures vs. personal freedom.
  24. An adequate response to student binge drinking.
  25. Ethics of using animals in medical research.

25 Interesting Research Paper Topics

  1. What does the concept of humane animal treatment involve?
  2. The tension between animal protection and business needs.
  3. The ethics of paying top-performing school athletes.
  4. Can steroid legalization help regulation in this area?
  5. Team vs. individual sports: personal predisposition to each.
  6. Voluntary vs. parent-induced sport – which child will become more successful?
  7. Is censorship needed in the entertainment business?
  8. How does the USA exercise censorship today?
  9. Should the government censor schoolbooks and content?
  10. What’s wrong with the modern school admission policies?
  11. What features distinguish a diploma mill from a top-rated educational establishment?
  12. The growing danger of cybersecurity threats.
  13. Should multimedia copyright be protected more rigidly?
  14. The bottlenecks of modern intellectual property legislation.
  15. Is addiction to surgery a new problem in the medical industry?
  16. Is it ethical to deliver weight loss surgery to patients?
  17. The difference between offline and online bullying.
  18. Homosexuality – an inborn or acquired characteristic?
  19. How can technology aid the criminal justice system?
  20. Is police brutality disproportionate in dealing with minorities?
  21. Implications of gun control in the USA.
  22. Does law reasonably punish drunk driving?
  23. Should white-collar crime be prosecuted more harshly?
  24. Effective ways for dealing with wrongful convictions.
  25. Is daycare for the elderly enough to provide high-quality end-of-life care?

20 Research Paper Topic Ideas

  1. What helped Donald Trump rise as a political leader?
  2. The past, present, and future of Russia-US relations.
  3. The evolution of social acceptance of drugs.
  4. What are the primary determinants of happiness?
  5. Health benefits of sufficient sleep.
  6. How can the government incentivize people to recycle their waste?
  7. Which communication is more effective: verbal or non-verbal?
  8. The extinction potential of rainforests.
  9. How can conservation protect the Earth?
  10. Adequate responses to deforestation.
  11. Is the magnitude of marine pollution adequately understood today?
  12. The dark side of renewable fuels’ use.
  13. Effective methods for wildlife conservation.
  14. The real scale of global warming: is the problem exaggerated?
  15. How should the law punish a victim of aggressor if they murder the abuser?
  16. Love for horror films – sadism or acceptance of retributive justice?
  17. Hidden human rights violations in democracies.
  18. Is the persecution of alternative lifestyles a form of discrimination?
  19. Why has the Catholic church become a strong political power in Europe?
  20. The cultural significance of space exploration.
  21. Is Iraq a democratic state or a U.S. puppet?
  22. Features and determinants of effective self-government.
  23. Has the war on terrorism succeeded?
  24. Should men be entitled to paternity leave after the child’s birth?
  25. Can the Talib victory in Afghanistan be called a national success?

Final Tip

With this list of research paper topics, you will always have a realm of ideas to pursue in your academic studies. Choose the one that suits your subject and your personal interest, and the writing process will go quicker and smoother. You’re sure to surprise your professor with top-notch content for a high grade.

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