60+ Research Paper Social Issues Topics – Pick Your Idea Here

Studying at a sociology department is exciting and relevant, as modern society is becoming increasingly self-reflective and curious about its own functioning. In other words, people are growing more aware of the pressing issues and concerns surrounding them in modern times, realizing the transformational power of being eco-friendlier, more tolerant, and more conscious.

Thus, you can make a real contribution to improving your community’s life if you study sociology carefully and develop workable solutions to pressing social issues.

However, the start of education is often tricky, and students need to find relevant and interesting research papers on social issues topics for numerous assignments. If you lack the inspiration but need to submit a home task within days, if not hours, use our list of topics for a creative boost.

How to Select Research Paper Social Issues Topics

When it comes to research paper topics, social issues may pose a serious challenge for a student. Here are some workable tips from our experts working on such assignments every day. Follow these recommendations to speed up the topic development process:

  • Reread the professor’s prompt attentively to understand the range of topics from which you can select yours.
  • Do some preliminary research to see what’s trending now and what people are writing about.
  • Choose your stand on the chosen topic; be careful about this choice as you will need to find enough supportive evidence to substantiate this point.
  • Analyze your stance’s objectivity if the issue you’re examining is sensitive; the last thing you want is to abuse your classmates or professor with racist, ageist, or homophobic claims.

30 Current Social Issues Research Paper Topics

  1. Cyberbullying: causes and consequences.
  2. Effective ways to deal with cyberbullying and harassment on social media.
  3. Ethical issues involved in online content censorship.
  4. Can violent content be allowed for publication on social networks?
  5. Identity theft is one of the increasingly pressing social issues.
  6. Pressure for social networking – a pressing social issue or a tribute to fashion?
  7. The impact of heavy digital presence on one’s social life.
  8. The growing importance of data safety for kids and adults.
  9. Permitted aggression on social media – how does it affect real-life aggression in people?
  10. The social impact of TikTok challenges.
  11. How can society help people overcome their addictions?
  12. The social implications of changing the drinking age limit.
  13. The social issues surrounding the parental refusal of child vaccination.
  14. The meaning of death with dignity across cultures.
  15. The implication of being a disabled individual in the modern community.
  16. Is ageism still present in the modern world? How are older adults discriminated against?
  17. The propriety of homeopathic treatment for kids.
  18. Stigmatization surrounding mental health issues and therapy.
  19. The growing acceptance of autistic people’s integration in mainstream society.
  20. The impact of self-care propagation on the population’s actual health status.
  21. Does poverty contribute to people’s poor health?
  22. Can coffee be regarded as a legal drug?
  23. The implications of eco-friendly travel.
  24. The rising tension (or friendship) between innovation and tradition.
  25. Social implications of addressing climate change.
  26. Heavy reliance on single-use plastic is a pressing social and environmental issue.
  27. The intricate link between sociology and the environment.
  28. The impact of global warming on indigenous communities.
  29. Is urban gardening a response to the alarming food insecurity?
  30. The image of a sustainable smart city of the future.

30 Social Issues Topics for Research Paper

  1. Is there a safe way to combine the needs of ecology and economics?
  2. The contribution of environmental issues to greater disease spread: what does the trend’s analysis say?
  3. Environmental protection as an individual position.
  4. Domestic violence – innovative ways of addressing the problem.
  5. The association between sexy clothing and exposure to sexual abuse among young girls.
  6. Affordability of education for girls across the world: a pressing social issue of the 21st century.
  7. The analysis of greater suicide rates among war veterans.
  8. The social implications of human trafficking.
  9. What social issues does a post-war state typically face?
  10. Underreporting of domestic violence committed to men: causes and consequences.
  11. Does educational attainment correlate with proneness to violence?
  12. The rising burden of military expenditures in the USA.
  13. Verbal abuse in social care: a distinct type of underreported abuse.
  14. Determinants of safety in the community.
  15. Ways to achieve genuine social equality.
  16. Is castration an adequate punishment for sexual offenders?
  17. Can racial profiling be regarded as a pressing social issue in mono-racial countries?
  18. The underlying causes of governmental opposition to gay marriage.
  19. Are prisons an unnecessary social burden?
  20. What adequate substitutes can be invented for the police to keep social order?
  21. The challenge of ex-prisoner reintegration into society.
  22. Various perspectives on crime in different social classes.
  23. Discuss four popular theories of deviance that sociology studies.
  24. The social issue of police violence: ways to address the problem.
  25. The impact of gendered marketing on role perception by children.
  26. The implications of living in a matriarchal society.
  27. Features of traditionally male and female professions: are they changing?
  28. Modern paths for female empowerment.
  29. The link between gender-biased language and discrimination.
  30. The social implications of school uniform.

Final Tip

Now that you have our list of bulletproof social issues research paper topics, the completion of this assignment gets way simpler and more manageable for you. But what should you do if you still lack the free time and inspiration for doing all the work on your own? It may be challenging to find even a couple of hours for substantial research and writing amid exams and multiple pressing deadlines. If that’s your case, don’t worry.

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