70+ Psychology Research Paper Topics – Relevant in 2022

Psychology is a very interesting subject that many students choose as their major. You receive a unique chance to dive deep into human cognition, decision-making processes, fears, and doubts. Being psychologically competent opens many doors to you as a professional; you can help people with mental health disorders, understand the motivation and actions of people surrounding you better, and develop greater self-awareness. Thus, the subject of psychology enjoys stably high popularity among students coming to college or university, wishing to pursue careers connected with this discipline.

But what to do if the study progress gets too hectic? It’s pretty hard to live in the conditions of constant stress and worries about the coming assignment deadlines. Besides, you may have some other pending responsibilities, such as a part-time job, a family, children, etc. Thus, coping with all deadlines may get increasingly hard, especially at the threshold of coming exams.

It’s very easy to fall into despair in such conditions, losing all creativity and resourcefulness for home task completion. No panic! With our psychology topics for research paper, you’re sure to beat any deadline and receive the highest possible grade. Here is a compilation of interesting topics to examine; read them through to find the one that speaks to you.

How to Select Psychology Research Paper Topics

Many students complain that choosing a topic is a challenging preparatory step for them. Thus, they waste time on a tiny stage of homework completion that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. We’ve decided to disclose some secrets of speedy topic choice to everyone struggling to pass this stage of assignment preparation. Here are the tips from our experts that can help you jumpstart the process and cope with it quicker.

#1 Look for something really interesting

There is a realm of exciting subjects within the area of psychology, so you will always have a lot of ideas to choose from. To make the project personally engaging and motivating, you can focus on the subject that you find perplexing or enigmatic. Why not combine the process of assignment completion with self-education and personal growth?

#2 Research the subject

Once you’ve picked a couple of options, it may be useful to check the availability of supportive evidence online. You can search for sources at your online library or consult Google; it doesn’t matter which way you go. It’s only the preliminary research stage meant to verify whether there is enough information to back your claims and produce a coherent, informative text.

#3 Brainstorm the topic

Brainstorming should be the next logical step of your planning process. During this procedure, you will get a unique insight into subtopics and issues you can explore within a single topic. It’s also a great creative boost – an exercise helping you enhance your performance and try something new. So, dedicate around 10-15 minutes for a brainstorming session, take a sheet of paper, and write anything that comes to your mind about the chosen topic. When the time is up, you will assess the rough material at hand, checking your guesses and selecting the ideas to go on with.

#4 Check what’s trending now

Psychology is a vast field that has been in existence for many centuries. Yet, it is developing quickly today, with new discoveries and advancements announced every day. So, you have higher chances to produce an attention-grabbing piece if you pick a trending, relevant topic and present the latest findings of it.

#5 Approach the topic from various angles

A critical insight is what your professor is sure to appreciate when checking your paper. Thus, you must approach the chosen subject from different perspectives. Even if you pick a trivial, classical theme for your paper, it’s always possible to find an original approach with new, fresh insights. So, look for various sources online, check what other people say about your theme, and take a look at your personal perception of the subject. You’re sure to find something attention-grabbing even in the most trivial topic.

20 Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Why does homophobia exist in modern communities?
  2. The psychological causes of sexism and racism in society.
  3. The basic mechanisms of social cognition.
  4. What psychological mechanisms determine how we perceive new people?
  5. What are the ways of exercising social control?
  6. The techniques of massive social persuasion and propaganda.
  7. What are the mechanism of attraction and romantic feelings toward another person?
  8. The psychological component of nonverbal communication.
  9. How are leaders raised and encouraged in various communities?
  10. What are the features of prosocial behavior? How is it encouraged at a social level?
  11. How do people perceive individuals with disabilities today?
  12. Have the gender roles changed much within the past decade?
  13. What are the new parenting styles of the 21st century?
  14. Determinants of a child’s school performance.
  15. Is school anxiety a rising problem among modern adolescents?
  16. The role of religion in social psychology.
  17. How do different societies tackle prejudice?
  18. How is the national identity shaped?
  19. Why is the modern community fearful of happiness?
  20. The latest advancements of experimental social psychology.

20 Sports Psychology Topics for Research Paper

  1. What makes a PR campaign in sports effects?
  2. What does it make to become a good athlete today?
  3. A winner’s mindset and psychological characteristics.
  4. The evolution of sports regulations within the past century.
  5. The ban on dangerous sports: is it justifiable?
  6. Gender stereotypes in sports.
  7. Does genetics or psychology determine a person’s sports performance more?
  8. The relationship between regular sports exercise and a positive mindset.
  9. Does aggressive sport fit only men?
  10. What makes women engage in boxing or martial arts?
  11. The psychological impact of sports traumas.
  12. How to educate a sports champion?
  13. The adverse impact of doping on mental health.
  14. The motivation of young athletes: decisive factors and determinants.
  15. Women’s psychological needs in professional sport.
  16. Emotions in sport.
  17. Expression of aggression in sports.
  18. Does NLP help improve the athletes’ outcomes?
  19. Are professional athletes different in their attitudes to child-rearing? ‘
  20. What makes professional athletes retire prematurely?

10 Educational Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the effective means of measuring a child’s attention span?
  2. What factors affect the quality of problem-solving in children?
  3. The impact of speech disorders on the child’s academic attainment and life quality.
  4. How can the path of parental development affect child development?
  5. Psychological factors influencing the quality of language learning.
  6. What social influences do modern children experience?
  7. How can children with neurosis be effectively educated?
  8. Effective therapies for childhood behavioral disorders.
  9. The modes of social interaction in modern children.
  10. Effects of play-based learning on the child’s educational attainment.

10 Cultural Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. How does the rising prevalence of autism affect modern society?
  2. The psychological causes of prejudice.
  3. Differences in ways of adjustment to a bereavement in different cultures.
  4. Integration of people with disabilities into mainstream society.
  5. The promotion of individualism on social media.
  6. How can social networks serve as the propaganda of conformity?
  7. What factors determine the effectiveness of language acquisition?
  8. How do parenting styles differ across nations?
  9. Depiction of memory in the popular media (film, books, series).
  10. Is there a cultural determinant in the person’s proneness to become a serial killer?

10 Cognitive Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. What may cause cognitive dissonance in a person?
  2. Effective techniques for memory loss recovery.
  3. How does a person’s judgment affect their decisions?
  4. Why does one’s brain suppress particular memories?
  5. Features of psychopathic behavior among teens.
  6. Psychological adjustment to a physical disorder.
  7. The effect of childhood trauma on the person’s mental health.
  8. Is cognitive-behavioral therapy an effective method for treating addiction?
  9. The underlying causes of deviant behavior.
  10. The impact of corporal punishment in childhood on a person’s proneness to criminality in adulthood.

Final Tip

With these psychology research paper topics, you’re sure to excel in any subject related to psychology. Here we have compiled a set of fresh and trending topics that every professor will appreciate for the original insight into the issue and thought-provoking arguments. Thus, you can grab any of these topics and write an amazing piece to surprise your class and tutor.

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