TOP-60 Nutrition Research Paper Topics in 2022

All people need to eat for survival. However, what we eat and how regularly we do it has changed with time. In the hectic modern tempo of urban life, people often fuel their bodies with empty carbs and dangerous fats, such as fast food or heavily processed products. Thus, conducting nutrition research is vital to inform people about healthy nutritional practices.

But what to do if you’re stuck with an assignment with no good ideas in mind? Don’t panic! Here we offer a list of nutrition research paper topics suiting any home assignment.

How to Select Nutrition Research Paper Topics

The topic selection process is always a challenge. To make it simpler for you, we present some pro tips from our proven experts:

  • Make sure your topic is manageable (not too broad and not too narrow).
  • Consult the tutor’s prompt to stay on-topic.
  • Hold some preliminary research to check the available evidence.
  • Focus on a problem and solutions you can offer.
  • Consider choosing some fresh topic with original ideas and facts.
  • Make it socially significant and applicable.

20 Nutrition Topics for Research Paper

  1. Nutrition recommendations for infants with low birth weight.
  2. The impact of breastfeeding on child health.
  3. The evolving knowledge on gut microbiota.
  4. The adverse impact of malnutrition.
  5. What is the cause of allergies?
  6. The primary determinants of child obesity.
  7. How can one hinder genetic obesity with proper nutrition?
  8. The dangers of stress eating.
  9. The impact of healthy eating on mental health.
  10. Interdependence of sleep and nutritional quality.
  11. The impact of dieting on one’s mood.
  12. Brain food consumption: impact on cognition and intellectual productivity.
  13. Gender differences in anemia risks.
  14. The impact of Instagram on food choices.
  15. The rising incidence of orthorexia.
  16. The benefits of superfoods.
  17. What are the causes of emotional attachment to food?
  18. Therapeutic approaches to fixing unhealthy emotional attachment to junk food.
  19. Impact of smoking on nutritional supplements’ absorption.
  20. Can supplements indeed compensate deficits?

20 Interesting Nutrition Topics for Research Paper

  1. The need for school lunch reform.
  2. Genetic factors contributing to obesity.
  3. Is there any value in gummy vitamins?
  4. Diabetes incidence among adolescents.
  5. How can eating disorders be prevented in young adults?
  6. The evolution of female body image with social media emergence.
  7. The effect of parents’ eating habits on children’s nutrition.
  8. The hormonal impact on nutrition.
  9. Overhydration vs. dehydration.
  10. Yo-yo dieting: a new nutritional fad?
  11. Can physical activity compensate for bad eating habits?
  12. How do proteins contribute to weight loss?
  13. Can limited calorie intake boost weight loss?
  14. What are the primary causes of eating disorder onset?
  15. Is a vegan diet healthy?
  16. The dark side of dietary fat consumption.
  17. The optimal timing of food consumption.
  18. Common misconceptions about the human BMI.
  19. How does creatine boost athletic performance?
  20. The long-term impact of a low-carb diet on human health.

10 Food and Nutrition Research Paper Topics

  1. Impact of nutrition on brain development.
  2. Are all nutrients lost in thermal processing?
  3. Income and nutrition.
  4. What is the real threat of GMO foods?
  5. How does the immune system respond to unhealthy eating?
  6. Nutrition and serotonin.
  7. How does age affect a person’s nutritional needs?
  8. Why are young Americans increasingly obese?
  9. Many faces of sugar.
  10. The danger of mono-diet.

10 Research Paper Topics for Nutrition Class

  1. How does selenium affect your health?
  2. Effects of dehydration on the human organism.
  3. The causes of increasing lactose intolerance.
  4. Causes of ketosis.
  5. WHO recommendations vs. reality: how should people eat to stay healthy?
  6. Value of soluble fiber consumption.
  7. Major guidelines for fat consumption.
  8. Pros and cons of eating cholesterol-containing food.
  9. What vitamins are incompatible?
  10. Zinc deficiency: causes and consequences.

Final Tip

Here you go with a list of excellent nutrition research paper topics that can quickly help you progress with any home task. Besides, studying the materials on any of them will give you additional practical knowledge for keeping yourself healthy and adequately nourished.

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