120 Nursing Research Paper Topics

Nursing research is becoming relevant in connection with the introduction of a system of continuing medical education. Choosing a topic for research can be a big challenge for a nurse. But with the help of this article, you can quickly navigate and choose the best theme!

Tips on How to Select the Best Nursing Research Paper Topics?

When choosing a research topic, a nurse must first consider the possibilities of the material base that is present in a medical organization. The presence of some special equipment and the availability of research methods should be checked. Usually, the topic determines not only the direction of the research but also the methods possible for its implementation.

The topic is usually understood as the main thing that is said in the work. A few tips for the nurse on choosing a topic. Study the topics of already completed work, and get acquainted with the results in related fields of science. Determine methods, standard techniques, that you will use to study objects in your field. When choosing a topic, it is very important to fix what is the practical value of the study, what are its goals and objectives.

List of Nursing Research Paper Topics

  1. The patient’s personality is a subject of the nurse’s activity.
  2. Patient education as a form of independent nursing intervention.
  3. Communication is an effective means of helping patients adapt to changes in life and in connection with existing diseases.
  4. The appearance of a nurse is an element of the culture of nursing.
  5. New generation disinfectants.
  6. Therapeutic-protective regimen and its significance for the patient.
  7. Features of insulin therapy in patients with diabetes mellitus.
  8. Prevention of post-injection complications.
  9. Features of care for patients of different age groups.
  10. The importance of the quality of patient preparation for laboratory and instrumental research methods.
  11. Analysis of hemodynamic changes in patients on prolonged bed rest.
  12. Analysis of road traffic injuries. The role of the paramedic in the prehospital stage.
  13. The varicose disease of the lower extremities.
  14. Clinical analysis of pain syndrome in patients with pancreatitis and its dynamics during treatment.
  15. Peculiarities of nursing care for gerontological patients in a hospital.
  16. The role of the nurse in the prevention and treatment of thyroid cancer.
  17. The role of the nurse in breast cancer prevention.
  18. Nursing interventions for constipation.
  19. Nursing technologies in the rehabilitation of patients with osteochondrosis or osteoarthritis.
  20. Nursing care for atherosclerosis in the hospital.

20 Good Nursing Topics for Research Paper

  1. Nursing care for hypertension in the hospital.
  2. Theory of research in nursing.
  3. Basic research methods in nursing
  4. Care for diseases of the gallbladder in the hospital.
  5. Statistical research methods in health care and medicine for nurses.
  6. Nursing care at a heart attack in a hospital.
  7. Analysis of indicators of the personnel composition of a medical organization.
  8. Nursing care for pleurisy in the hospital.
  9. Regulation of the work of nurses. Research methods and analysis.
  10. Care for pneumonia in the hospital.
  11. Nursing care for heart failure.
  12. Research and evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of nursing.
  13. Care for chronic bronchitis in the hospital.
  14. Nursing care of patients with a cerebrovascular accident in a hospital.
  15. Market research of medical services.
  16. Nursing care of patients with traumatic brain injury in the hospital.
  17. Care for ICD in a hospital.
  18. Research and analysis of population health by nurses.
  19. Analysis of the activities of healthcare organizations.
  20. Nursing care for bronchial asthma in the hospital.

20 Interesting Nursing Research Paper Topics

  1. Nursing care for angina pectoris in the hospital.
  2. Registration of research results in nursing.
  3. Analysis of the incidence of chickenpox in different age periods.
  4. Analysis of vaccination activities.
  5. Disinfection mode of the children’s infectious disease department.
  6. Medical support of the educational process at school.
  7. Observation and nursing care in the neonatal ward.
  8. Organization of outpatient nursing care for children.
  9. Organization of vaccination work in a preschool institution.
  10. Features of the nursing process in diseases of the urinary system in children.
  11. Rehabilitation of children with Down syndrome.
  12. The role of the nurse in the care of children.
  13. The role of a nurse in the prevention of iodine deficiency in children.
  14. The role of the nurse in the office of an immunologist-allergist.
  15. The role of the district nurse in the prevention of background diseases (rickets, anemia, malnutrition).
  16. Nursing care for gastritis in children in the hospital.
  17. Nursing care for helminthic infestations in children in a hospital.
  18. Care for dysentery in the hospital.
  19. Care for urinary tract infections in children in the hospital.
  20. Nursing care for chronic eating disorders in children.

20 Qualitative Nursing Research Paper Topics

  1. Nursing care for pyelonephritis in children in a hospital.
  2. Preparation of working disinfectant solutions in nursing activities.
  3. Sublingual way of using medicines.
  4. Technique for taking blood from a vein for bacteriological examination (on a phantom).
  5. The concept and basic principles of diet therapy. How to make an approximate menu for one day for a patient with a cardiovascular system disease?
  6. Types of styling in nursing activities. Bix laying.
  7. Installation of drops in the eyes and rinsing of the eyes.
  8. Installation of drops and laying ointment in the ears.
  9. Carrying out the toilet of the ears. Nasal toilet.
  10. Installation of drops in the nose.
  11. Temperature measurement and registration of measurement data in a temperature sheet.
  12. Rules for the storage and distribution of medicines at the post.
  13. Artificial nutrition. Feeding a seriously ill patient through a nasogastric tube in nursing.
  14. A modern approach to the organization and content of nursing activities.
  15. Why is the organization of nursing activities determined by federal and industry regulatory documents?
  16. Strengthening the role of the nurse in the healthcare sector.
  17. Ensuring the quality, accessibility, and effectiveness of nursing care.
  18. What are the main tasks in the managerial activities of the heads of nursing services?
  19. Is it essential today to study the theory of research in nursing, research methods, experimental work on the introduction of modern organizational forms and technologies?
  20. Teaching the principles of a healthy lifestyle for the adult population.

20 Quantitative Nursing Research Paper Topics

  1. Registration of the study results of arterial pulse and blood pressure in the temperature sheet.
  2. Providing first aid for vomiting.
  3. Providing first aid for angina pectoris.
  4. Carrying out an examination of the oral cavity.
  5. Collection of material from the pharynx and nose for bacteriological examination.
  6. Carrying out gastric lavage with a thick probe.
  7. Carrying out fractional sounding of the stomach with a thin probe.
  8. Carrying out duodenal sounding.
  9. Insertion of a gas tube.
  10. Preparation of the patient for endoscopic research methods (sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy).
  11. Patient education and stool collection for occult blood.
  12. Setting a cleansing enema.
  13. Setting oil and hypertonic enema.
  14. Administration of a medicinal enema.
  15. Determination of water balance.
  16. Catheterization of the bladder with a soft catheter.
  17. Conducting an indirect heart massage.
  18. Carrying out artificial ventilation of the lungs.
  19. Care of the venous catheter. Possible complications.
  20. Nurse documentation. Reception and handover.

20 Research Paper Topics for Nursing Students

  1. Oxygen therapy in nursing. Humidified oxygen supply.
  2. Introduction rectally suppository.
  3. Carrying out rubbing, rubbing, lubricating the skin with a medicinal solution.
  4. The process of taking a medicinal product from an ampule and a vial.
  5. Breeding antibiotics in nursing.
  6. Intradermal injection technique. Possible complications.
  7. Subcutaneous injection technique. Possible complications.
  8. Intramuscular injection technique. Possible complications.
  9. The technique of setting a siphon enema. Indications in nursing activity. Treatment of the probe and funnel.
  10. Intravenous injection technique. Possible complications in nursing.
  11. Anaphylactic shock with intravenous injections. Nursing tactics. Help the patient.
  12. Filling the system for intravenous drip administration of medicinal substances.
  13. Carrying out intravenous drip infusion.
  14. Providing first aid in case of sudden shortness of breath (suffocation).
  15. Collection of sputum for general analysis in nursing.
  16. Blood sampling for general analysis.
  17. Rules for the care of a tracheostomy.
  18. Providing first aid for hemoptysis and pulmonary hemorrhage.
  19. Examination of the pulse on the radial artery.
  20. Measurement of blood pressure.

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