TOP-80 Microeconomics Research Paper Topics in 2022

Microeconomics is an exciting subject for many. It deals with the nuances and peculiarities of economic exchanges on a micro level, helping people understand the governing economic trends and events.

However, students who only start their economic education often find it hard to formulate a good topic for their home assignment. The multitude of subjects and themes is so huge that it’s hard to make a choice. We’re here to help you; enjoy a list of microeconomics research paper topics that will surely score you A’s on any occasion.

How to Select Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

Many students find it challenging to develop a great topic quickly. Here is a couple of tips to let you do it quicker and simpler.

#1 Research

Before you start writing, check whether there is enough supporting evidence for your theme. It’s much easier to compose a paper if many academic publications are available, supporting your claims and making the argument more persuasive.

#2 Personal Interest

We recommend going for the topic that interests you personally. You’ll enjoy the writing process much more if you examine the subject you’re curious about.

#3 Professor’s Prompt

Always double-check the professor’s prompt to see what topics are acceptable for a particular task. The worst is going off-topic and getting a low grade for an excellent paper only because it talks about a different thing.

30 Microeconomics Topics for Research Paper

  1. What are the causes of unequal allocation of scarce resources in countries?
  2. What market mechanisms evolved in the COVID-19 period?
  3. The primary causes of market failure.
  4. How do inflation and unemployment develop in the USA since early 2020?
  5. What is the principle of the utility maximization problem in microeconomics?
  6. The utility function in microeconomics.
  7. Why do countries meet the constrained optimization issue?
  8. How does microeconomic study treat consumer tastes and interests?
  9. The digital transformation of markets.
  10. The theory of supply and demand: new perspectives.
  11. How does the theory of collective action explain microeconomic processes?
  12. The view of public choice theory on optimal public welfare.
  13. Who are the microeconomic research pioneers?
  14. The basic premises of consumer demand theory.
  15. Popular approaches to the study of production.
  16. How does microeconomics explain gift-giving?
  17. The cost-of-production theory: primary cost factors.
  18. How has the concept of opportunity cost evolved with the advent of e-commerce?
  19. The principles of competitive equilibrium in modern markets.
  20. Which microeconomic models are popular in 21st-century research?
  21. How do microeconomic models in developed and developing countries differ from each other?
  22. The basic premises of the law of demand.
  23. Is perfect competition possible today?
  24. What can be regarded as a commodity in modern times?
  25. Utility of merchandize – the revolutionary impact of marketing.
  26. How has the purchasing power changed in the USA in the COVID-19 times?
  27. What are the preconditions for marginal utility?
  28. Can the USA be regarded as a perfectly competitive market?
  29. The premises of marginalist theory in microeconomics.
  30. What can the country’s GDP tell about the state of the economy?

20 Interesting Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

  1. How does microeconomics view market structure?
  2. What types of markets are in existence today?
  3. Perfect vs. imperfect competition: key features.
  4. The concept of monopoly.
  5. Monopoly vs. oligopoly.
  6. Are there real examples of monopsony in the world?
  7. How is the game theory applied to microeconomic studies?
  8. Research advancements of applied microeconomics.
  9. What are the pressing issues of health economics today?
  10. The link between public policy and labor economics.
  11. Secrets to small business survival.
  12. The consequences of inflation at all economic levels.
  13. Price elasticity and advertising.
  14. Is the law of demand universal for all commodities?
  15. The evolution of consumer preferences after income reduction.
  16. How can microeconomics help firms increase revenue?
  17. The impact of product differentiation.
  18. Different approaches to cost determination.
  19. The hidden mechanics of labor markets.
  20. Is market equilibrium affected by minimum wages?

15 Graduate-Level Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

  1. Microeconomics and politics – causes and effects.
  2. How can small firms compete in the modern market?
  3. Strategies for debt liquidation for SMEs.
  4. The growing trend of freelance and part-time work; impacts on the economy.
  5. How does productivity determine economic growth?
  6. How does IT advance microeconomic research and practice?
  7. What is the meaning of allocative efficiency?
  8. Does allocative efficiency contribute to perfect competition?
  9. The economic grounds for social inequality.
  10. Why is market segmentation significant in healthcare?
  11. How can governments intervene to prevent market failure?
  12. Intellectual property: a new microeconomic approach.
  13. What are the consequences of risk pooling?
  14. The importance of marginal profitability calculation.
  15. Basic premises of Walras equilibrium.

15 Easy Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

  1. The distribution of tax burden between buyers and sellers.
  2. Walras equilibrium and Marshall equilibrium: which is more relevant for the US economy?
  3. The causes of price discrimination.
  4. Microeconomic determinants of income inequality.
  5. What is a circular economy?
  6. What role do financial intermediaries play in the economy?
  7. What does the price ceiling do?
  8. The implications of asymmetric information on the markets.
  9. The difference between explicit and implicit costs.
  10. What sources of financing can a modern startup utilize?
  11. Monopolistic competition in the USA: case studies.
  12. Implications of concentration of production.
  13. How can a small firm improve the profitability of its operations?
  14. What is a homogenous product?
  15. Factors affecting the pricing system of various sectors.

Final Tip

Here you go with a set of topics for a microeconomics research paper that will make even the pickiest professor smile. Choose any of them to produce an award-winning paper. If you lack the free time or misunderstand microeconomics overall, there’s still a way out. Come to us and order an excellent assignment from a proven paper writing service.

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