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A research paper for a student is the first forward-looking study both in terms of his advancement in science and further development in the chosen direction. Well-grounded in theory and practice, a scientifically proven problem may in the future become the basis for a thesis, a master’s, or even a dissertation.

How to Select the Best Macroeconomics Research Paper Topics

When choosing a topic, one must consider its relevance. You don’t have to spell it out – it’s enough just to make sure that someone cares.

These three points will help you determine the relevance of the macroeconomics research paper topics:

  • There are scientific publications on the chosen topic written in the last 2-3 years.
  • The topic is discussed on specialized resources (thematic sites, forums, professional blogs).
  • The subject is covered in non-core media.

In describing the relevance of a topic, you risk making some fatal mistakes. What could you possibly have done wrong?

  • You haven’t studied the subject, and you’re giving away your opinions and your guesses as truth.
  • You’ve added too much water. No need for historical references, common phrases, and platitudes.
  • You have turned the justification of relevance into a theoretical survey. It is not necessary to describe «the essence of a phenomenon» and consider its classification.

To better understand the topics of macroeconomics, we have prepared a list of topics below.

20 Good Topics for Macroeconomics Research Paper

  1. State social policy in a market economy (experience of economically developed countries and modern practice).
  2. Modern mechanism of market functioning.
  3. National models of market economy development (e.g. Germany, Sweden, USA, China, South Korea, or any other country).
  4. Property as an economic category.
  5. Investment and its role in the modern US economy.
  6. A firm’s equilibrium in the short and long term.
  7. Competition as a mechanism for self-regulation of the market.
  8. Commodity exchanges: functions and organization of activities.
  9. Demand, supply, and equilibrium in the money market. Inflation.
  10. The national banking system. The main features of the banking system in the United States.
  11. The central bank’s monetary policy.
  12. The securities market is part of the financial market.
  13. The stock exchange, its role, key players, and transactions.
  14. Securities, their types, and placement.
  15. Monetarism: preconditions and content.
  16. National economy:  key development indicators and their measurement.
  17. National income: distribution and redistribution.
  18. Aggregate demand and total supply.  Economic equilibrium of the system.
  19. History, principles, and forms of taxation.
  20. Leasing is a form of financial and credit relations.

20 Popular Macroeconomics Research Paper Topics

  1. Taxes and subsidies in the United States.
  2. State financial system.
  3. Public goods: substance, classification, and role in the US.
  4. Role of the State in a market economy. Theory of public choice.
  5. Money circulation and the evolution of quantitative money theory.
  6. The economic content of entrepreneurship:  forms, especially development in the United States.
  7. Restructuring of property relations in the transition economy.
  8. Budget system: problems of formation and use in the US.
  9. Deficit and surplus of the state budget. US state budget policy.
  10. US public debt: formation and management.
  11. Inflation and anti-inflation policies of the state (comparative analysis of foreign experience and US practice).
  12. The labor market and its institutions in the modern US.
  13. Macroeconomic concepts and models.
  14. Total expenditure multiplier and overall market equilibrium.
  15. Cash circulation and its structure.
  16. The money market in macroeconomics
  17. The credit market and its participants.
  18. Monetary policy instruments.
  19. Monetary theories.
  20. Regulation in monetary theory.

More Ideas for Smooth and Interesting Writing

How can you find the right research paper?

  • It is the basic rule for an author not to delay the selection of a suitable topic. If you want to choose from the list, it is recommended to come to the chair as one of the first students.
  • The topic is selected based on the availability of literary sources, the personal interest of the author, etc.
  • The author undertakes to strictly follow the recommendations of the scientific director. Following his advice – will simplify the selection among the big variety of macroeconomics topics for the research paper.
  • It is not advisable to choose a topic of work that complicates the definition of the object/subject of the study. Clarity of wording simplifies the writing process.
  • The selection must consider the reality of the implementation of the practical part.
  • Remember a well-written research paper will facilitate a future thesis or dissertation.

Quick Intro to Writing a Research Paper from Scratch

Where should you start?

  • Timely selection of a scientific director specializing in a research paper.
  • To declare the topic (before the list of approved topics) or to choose from the list compiled by the chair.
  • Examine information sources proposed by the scientific director.
  • After consultation with the curator, draw up a rough/indicative list of literature.
  • Draw up a timetable for systematizing the work with useful notes.
  • Form a calendar plan (a necessary supplement to the research paper).

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