How to Write a Good History Research Paper

Writing a history research paper is not an easy task if you have never dealt with such assignments before. It is important to avoid moralizing and use too many quotes without stating your opinion clearly. A student must pay attention to the chronology and carefully proofread their research paper before submitting it. In addition, you are expected to use trusted sources and write in a clear and easy-to-understand way, without using any wordy sentences.

Creating a well-thought-out outline can structure your paragraph and make your research paper easier to read. Make sure to make revisions until you are fully satisfied with the results. History research papers shouldn’t be based on groundless generalizations. In addition, you should use a critical approach when analyzing your evidence.

Even if you avoid common missteps and write a research paper with a powerful thesis, you might still fail to get the highest grade unless you learn how to use a perfect structure. So, if you are wondering how to write a college history research paper, read on to learn handy tips from our expert writers. They will help you write a history research paper worthy of the highest praise.

What Is a History Research Paper

When writing a history research paper, you must answer an engaging question about history. To solve a problem, you should rely on historical evidence. While you can’t rely on observations or the results of experiments, you need to tell a reader something new about a specific historical period.

For instance, you may analyze arguments made by other researchers and find a different way of looking at the same problem. What makes this assignment different is that you should use primary sources to show that your argument is valid. For instance, you may use:

  • Diaries are written by people who lived during a specific period.
  • Private correspondence.
  • Journals.
  • Maps.
  • Historical documents.

Using these sources, you can develop a well-grounded argument and effectively convey your message. In addition, you should consider the findings made by other researchers and use secondary sources to support your claim.

To get the highest grade, you need to make an original contribution to the topic by fully answering your historical question.

How to Start a History Research Paper and Make Your Idea Clear

At the beginning of your research paper, you should briefly outline what your research is about and what question you will answer. Then, after analyzing the sources available on your topic, you will better understand what approach you should use to solve the issue.

Start by creating an outline with a clear structure, and only then write your first draft. Remember that the success of your history research paper will depend on your thesis. If it’s strong, chances are that you will find enough pieces of evidence to support your claim.

How to Structure a History Research Paper

A well-structured text is easier to read, so you need to include the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It will help you present a well-developed argument. After writing a one-paragraph introduction with the thesis, you should dedicate several pages to the main body of your text.

Before writing your article, you must develop arguments supporting your claim. If you discover that your thesis is difficult to defend, selecting another one might be a good idea.

In the beginning, it’s better to refer to the historical period you will describe and write a thesis that you will develop. Then, you can start with broad statements and narrow the topic down when writing paragraphs. It will make your arguments look more logical.

Adding a mini-thesis to each paragraph can make it easier for your reader to understand what it will be about. You can use either source evidence or quotations to support your claim. When providing pieces of evidence, it’s crucial to analyze them and offer your interpretation. The reader should see how it supports your argument.

In addition, you may add transitional phrases to simplify the perception of your history research paper. You may also end your paragraph with a sentence that introduces the idea of the next paragraph.

While it’s generally a good idea to avoid metaphors and direct appeals to your reader, you can make your argument more persuasive by using your pieces of evidence in a specific way. Use counterarguments to show that your thesis still stands despite them. It will make your reader trust your expert opinion more.

How to End a History Research Paper With an Open Question

If you believe that your topic requires further development, you may say so in the final part of your history research paper. Some researchers do it in the Discussion section, but it will have more impact if you do it at the end.

After summarizing the main arguments that you have made, you may ask a question that will make a reader wonder whether the traditional view on this issue is limited.

You can mention several areas for potential research and make comparisons to put your issue in a wider context. Some researchers also find it useful to suggest the results that can be achieved after analyzing other pieces of evidence.

Create a History Research Paper Outline

By creating a clear outline, you can ensure that your paper will have a clear structure. In addition, it will help you select the best ideas to use to make your arguments well grounded. You can use several ways to make your research paper look better organized. However, if your task requires you to use a chronological order, make sure to take this into account.

You should include several elements in your outline:

  • The main thesis.
  • The arguments that you want to describe in your paragraphs.
  • Primary and secondary sources that you want to use.

Creating a detailed outline is recommended, as it will save you time when you start to write your history research paper.

Tips for Writing the History Research Paper Introduction

Being the first part of your history research paper, the introduction should state the question you will answer. You can also use it to describe the historical period you will explore in detail. It will allow you to provide a reader with the context and describe the main historical figures whose actions you will analyze.

After describing the historical setting and asking your question, write a powerful thesis. It will demonstrate what problem you will solve and what approach will be used.

In this part, you can use some generalizations as you need to introduce your topic without going into details. Your introduction should be one paragraph long. However, if you need to write an 8-page paper, it should be 2 paragraphs long.

Write a Well-Structured History Research Paper Body

The body is the main part of your history research paper, where you should explain your idea in detail and analyze sources. Here, you also need to demonstrate why the works written by other researchers are limited.

The number of your paragraphs should depend on the complexity of a topic. However, it is recommended to make your paragraphs 3-4 sentences long. In this section, you should develop your argument based on authoritative sources.

Each paragraph should include several parts:

  • A sentence that summarizes the main idea of a paragraph.
  • Information about the period when your source was written.
  • The analysis of the source.

You should demonstrate that the information contained in the sources supports your main claim.

How to Write the History Research Paper Conclusion

The final part of your history research paper should be one paragraph long. Start by repeating your thesis using your findings to support your claim. From your conclusion, it should be clear what results were achieved. You can also summarize your arguments and demonstrate that your approach allows researchers to make further discoveries. Finally, put your findings into perspective and show how they can be used to explore the topic further.

Wrapping Up

As this type of assignment requires you to analyze many lengthy primary and secondary sources, it might be challenging to complete it on time. This is why you need to plan everything carefully and annotate your sources to speed up creating an outline and the initial draft.

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