How to Write a Good Biology Research Paper

If you are enrolled in a biology course, you might need to conduct countless experiments to test a range of hypotheses and learn your subject thoroughly. Due to the high academic load, graduate and post-graduate students often lack time to write well-researched papers. It might result in failed assignments and affect their chances of getting top grades for a course.

Similarly to other subjects, biology requires you to analyze the available sources and learn more about the main scientific discoveries in the field. Therefore, you should be able to collect a lot of data and offer your interpretation. In this article, we will help you learn how to write a top-level biology research paper that will impress your professor and allow you to get the top grade.

What Is a Biology Research Paper

If you don’t know where to start, learn more about this type of assignment and what it requires first. A biology research paper is similar to other assignments you might be tasked with. However, it has a specific format. Besides, your assignment will be graded according to strict criteria.

To write a good biology paper, you must conduct research, analyze sources, create an outline, and set clear goals. In addition, your paper should be evidence-based and contain a strong thesis statement.

When writing a biology research paper, you can employ either universal or individual research methods. However, most students rely on such traditional methods as modelling, observation, and experiments as they allow them to get objective results based on evidence. In addition, you can employ genealogical, historic, and paleontological research methods if your task requires it.

How to Start a Biology Research Paper

At the beginning of your paper, you should outline your hypothesis, show that you analyzed the books and articles written by other researchers, and describe the methods you used. This part should be short and to the point.

If you don’t know where to start, we advise you to look for other biology research papers to see how they were structured. Below, we will briefly describe the main elements that your biology research paper should include. Besides, we will tell you how you can get a higher grade by following the required structure.

How to Structure a Biology Research Paper

Make sure to use a streamlined structure to make your paper easier to read. For example, when creating an outline, you will need to include the following parts:

  1. Title. You can use a statement or a question to state the main topic.
  2. Abstract. Summarize the main ideas of a paper while keeping your objective in mind.
  3. Introduction. Here, you can demonstrate that you have analyzed other sources and researched your topic well. It should end with a thesis statement.
  4. Methods. Explain how you have achieved your results. It will make it easier for other people to follow in your footsteps.
  5. Results. It’s one of the most important parts as you need to describe the obtained results using facts and observations.
  6. Discussion. Analyze your results and tell whether they were affected by some factors. In this section, you can give your personal opinion on the matter.
  7. References. Here, you need to indicate your sources using the required citation format.

If you include all these parts, your paper will become well-structured and easily read.

How to End a Biology Research Paper

The final part of your paper should contain a list of sources and a conclusion. You need to quote a source whenever you mention information not obtained during your experiment. Otherwise, your academic integrity will be questioned.

There are different ways of creating a reference list. Before writing your paper, clarify which format you should use. There is no need to use footnotes unless you are specifically asked to.

In conclusion, you can further explain the importance of your findings and mention if they could be applied to practice. Finally, show whether your findings can be used to explore your topic further when summarizing your arguments.

You may also show how you addressed common problems and misconceptions.

Another thing that you need to do in this section is to demonstrate why your arguments might be important for other researchers. While there is no need to add any new information, it’s always good to mention how your insights might transform the understanding of the problem.

Why Biology Research Paper Outline Is Important

To ensure that you will submit your research paper on time, you must create a streamlined outline. Your paper should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. However, it might be challenging to build an elaborate argument without knowing what you are going to say and how you need to connect different parts of your research paper.

The key advantages of creating an outline:

  • It will make it easier for you to create a draft.
  • You will notice possible problems with your structure before starting to write your research paper.
  • The outline will show whether you have a substantial thesis.

When writing the outline, check whether it demonstrates your main idea. Make sure to mention criticism, as it will make your position better grounded.

Write the Biology Research Paper Introduction

The first section of your research paper should describe your research purpose and explain why you decided to analyze this topic. Here, you can also briefly mention the results of other people researching the same topic. In addition, it will allow you to demonstrate that you have read the main sources and know your topic well.

When writing the introduction, you can state a broad topic and discuss the problem in general. However, the final paragraph should include your thesis statement. Make sure that it contains your main hypothesis explained clearly. Try using predictions and asking questions that you will answer in your article.

In addition, your introduction may contain a brief description of your method and how your research will change the understanding of this issue.

How to Write the Biology Research Paper Body

This part of your text should contain results and their discussion. In the first section, you need to present your results without thoroughly analyzing the reasons that caused them.

How to Write About Your Results

In the Results section, you can still provide some interpretation and emphasize what information was important for your research. When writing this section, it’s recommended to use the Past Tense.

To make your results easier to understand, use the following elements:

  • Tables.
  • Figures.

Remember that you will need several of them. Besides, it would help if you referred to them in your text. Start by outlining your results and then provide tables and figures to show the information you have summarized.

Add the Discussion Section

You should dedicate the first two paragraphs to your results and tell whether the facts support your hypothesis. Then, compare your results with the results obtained by other scientists. Please pay attention to how different or similar they are. It will help you write arguments based on solid facts.

Basically, in this section, you need to defend your results. There is no need to focus on possible errors or complaints that you received the results you didn’t expect. After summarizing your results, you should be ready to write the conclusion.

How to Write Biology Research Paper Conclusion

In conclusion, you need to summarize your arguments and show whether your data supports them. When writing articles on innovative solutions and approaches, you may also write an externalizing conclusion instead of a summarizing one. It allows you to introduce new ideas that weren’t analyzed or tested in your paper. However, it’s better to avoid writing such a conclusion unless you know your results are ground-breaking.

To write a good conclusion, follow these steps:

  • Paraphrase your main topic.
  • Make your thesis statement stronger by adding evidence-based results.
  • Describe the main points that you made.
  • Emphasize the importance of your results.
  • Write an informative conclusive sentence.

Some researchers use this part to add a call to action or focus on questions left without answers. It shows that they are ready to continue their research.

Wrapping Up

Writing a biology research paper requires thorough preparation. You need to use the right format and explain your results in an easy-to-understand manner. Using tables will make it easier for you to summarize your findings and show whether your results are consistent. However, conducting an experiment and writing a well-researched article might be difficult if you are short of time. You can entrust this task to our team of professional academic writers. They will analyze your findings and send you a perfectly written and proofread paper with the right formatting. Contact us and get your assignment done on time!