140 History Research Paper Topics

History is a subject that every student needs to study, even if history may seem uninteresting at first glance. History gives us a lot to understand and explains almost all the reasons for today’s realities. It is especially important to study history for those students who will conduct research in this subject.

The topics of research papers on history presented below are relevant at the present time and are recommended for research by students in secondary schools and universities. Any of the topics of history projects for students can be narrowed or expanded, depending on the amount of work. Also, the topics of research on history given below can be taken as a basis, supplemented, and changed. But where should you start your research work? Of course with the choice of research topic!

Tips on How to Select the Best History Research Paper Topics?

When choosing a topic, it is recommended to pay attention to several aspects. The corresponding research problem should be partly covered in scientific papers and in specialized literature. You should not choose a topic whose problems are actively discussed in society, which requires an immediate solution. Because therefore, it requires a short period of time to conduct research. And of course, you should avoid topics with some ambiguous problems that can have very different interpretations. Therefore, the formulation of a theme is a fundamental step in the historical research process.

List of History Research Paper Topics

  1. History of religions. Religions of the world.
  2. Religious Traditions of the World.
  3. How did the development of politics and state ideas change in the 20th century?
  4. How has the sociological approach to the state and politics changed historically?
  5. Muslim law.
  6. Formation and development of modern legal systems.
  7. Legal understanding of American time.
  8. Positivist normativism of G. Kelsen.
  9. Sociological jurisprudence.
  10. Restored natural law.
  11. Formation of the doctrine of civil society.
  12. The development of law in Europe during the period of enlightened absolutism.
  13. French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen.
  14. Formation of the judicial and legal system in the states of Europe in modern times.
  15. French Civil Code of 1804.
  16. The main features of the European law of modern times.
  17. Cultural-historical theory of the human psyche.
  18. The origin of bourgeois political and legal thought.
  19. Political science as an independent science in N. Machiavelli.
  20. What influenced the humanistic theory of personality of K. Rogers?

20 Good History Topics for Research Paper

  1. History of political science as an academic discipline.
  2. Basic concepts of modern Western political science.
  3. The problem of the development of methods of psychodiagnostic in the 20th century.
  4. Urban Law of Medieval Europe.
  5. Early forms of religion.
  6. History of political science as a science.
  7. The genesis of political ideas in the history of human civilization.
  8. Elements of political science in the teachings of antiquity.
  9. Religious, legal, and sociological traditions in the development of political thought.
  10. The idea of ​​the divine origin of relations of power and order in the political thought of the Ancient East.
  11. The political thought of antiquity.
  12. Plato’s doctrine of the perfect state and rational law.
  13. Aristotle is the founder of political science.
  14. The contractual concept of justice in Epicurus’ doctrine of the state.
  15. Polybius’ doctrine of forms of government.
  16. Cicero’s doctrine of the state and its laws.
  17. Christian-political theories of the European Middle Ages.
  18. The political thought of the Renaissance.
  19. Political Thought of the Age of Enlightenment.
  20. Political ideas of the Reformation.

20 US History Research Paper Topics

  1. Recent Discussions on the US Economic Legacy.
  2. The specifics of the origin of economic thought in the United States.
  3. The main results and directions of the evolution of economic thought in the United States.
  4. The struggle of schools and trends in US economic thought.
  5. New Religious Movements in the 20th Century in the United States.
  6. Christian sectarianism in the USA.
  7. The development of political science in the United States.
  8. Formation of the constitution of the United States of America. Bill of rights.
  9. Formation of the US judicial system. The rise of American law.
  10. Features of the development of law in the USA.
  11. Regional competitions, their importance for the development of sports in the United States.
  12. American Athletes in the International Olympic Movement Before 1914.
  13. Ideas of deconstruction in modern philosophy.
  14. Social theory of postmodernism and its criticism.
  15. Information society in modern philosophical theory.
  16. Modern historiography of American philosophy.
  17. Evaluation of American Philosophy in Foreign Historiography.
  18. The problem of substance in Western European and American philosophy of the 17th century.
  19. Rationalism and sensationalism in Western European and American philosophy of the 17th century.
  20. How has the US government changed?

20 Interesting History Research Paper Topics

  1. Mercantilism and the form of the genesis of economic theory.
  2. General characteristics of the economic views of the physiocrats.
  3. Marxism and Economics on the content and role of the classical school of political economy.
  4. The role of A. Smith in the development of world economic theory.
  5. The theory of microeconomic analysis and how it has affected history.
  6. Institutionalism of the Veblen tradition and neo-institutionalism.
  7. Theory of social welfare V. Pareto.
  8. Keynesian revolution: causes, content, results.
  9. The primary schools of Keynesianism in the second half of the 20th century.
  10. Monetarism as the main form of neoclassical macroeconomics.
  11. The development of neoclassical welfare theory in the 20th century.
  12. L. Erhard’s theory of social market economy and its implementation.
  13. Discussions in economics regarding the relationship between the plan and the market.
  14. Historical problems of economic reproduction.
  15. Interindustry balance theory and how it has influenced history.
  16. The concept of socialism in the economic legacy.
  17. The primary schools of the political economy of socialism.
  18. The history of religion as a branch of religious studies.
  19. Religion and culture.
  20. The problem of defining religion.

20 Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Mytho-magical consciousness and religion and how it is reflected in art.
  2. The diversity of religious experience and how it is reflected in art.
  3. Religions and creativity of India.
  4. Religions and creativity of ancient China. Taoism. Confucianism.
  5. Judaism: History, Art and Faith.
  6. Ancient art.
  7. Creativity in Neolithic times.
  8. Art of Egypt.
  9. Traditions and beliefs of Egypt. How are they reflected in art?
  10. Sculpture of Egypt.
  11. Art of Crete.
  12. Questions of theory and history of performance.
  13. Theories of the origin of art.
  14. The concept of the Ancient East. General principles of artistic form in the fine arts of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ancient China.
  15. Standard features of the artistic culture of Ancient America and the traditional cultures of the Old World.
  16. Ancient Mexican architecture (pyramids, platforms, monumental stairs).
  17. Mayan. Temple of the Sun in Palenque, its similarity with the pyramids and ziggurats of ancient Eastern civilizations. Cult plastic.
  18. Culture of Ancient Greece. The system of mythological images.
  19. Eclecticism in Roman culture.
  20. Italian Renaissance architecture.

20 World History Research Paper Topics

  1. Comparative analysis of the economic views of the Ancient East and the ancient world
  2. Precursors of marginalism in the world economic literature of the 18th – 19th centuries.
  3. Causes, course, and significance of the marginalist revolution in economic theory.
  4. The crisis of economic theory in the XX century.
  5. The problem of the origin of world religions.
  6. Icon veneration and iconoclasm in the world history of Christianity.
  7. Division of Christian churches in 1054.
  8. Islam. History of occurrence. Koran and sunnah.Osnovy creeds of Islam.
  9. Sociological concepts of religion in Europe and their development.
  10. Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church.
  11. The evolution of the socio-legal system of Byzantium.
  12. Features of the development of law in the countries of the medieval East.
  13. Formation of international law.
  14. The development of English justice and law in the XVII-XIX centuries.
  15. Features of the art of the Northern Renaissance.
  16. Comparative characteristics of Baroque and Hellenism.
  17. Marxist theory of politics.
  18. State-political views of world leaders in the 20th century.
  19. M. Weber: the theory of state bureaucracy and its influence on world history.
  20. E. Durkheim: the theory of social solidarity and its impact on world history.

20 European History Research Paper Topics

  1. Modern discussions about the content and significance of the economic teachings of K. Marx.
  2. D.Ricardo as the leader of the English classical school.
  3. French political economy of the twentieth century.
  4. English political economy of the twentieth century.
  5. Austrian and neo-Austrian school: development of tradition.
  6. Religious faith and religious cult in the history of Europe.
  7. Types of religious organizations in European countries.
  8. Catholicism: Peculiarities of Doctrine and Worship in Europe.
  9. The problem of social conditioning of consciousness in the French sociological school.
  10. The cultural-historical approach in sociology.
  11. Political and legal thought in the countries of the Ancient East.
  12. Legal policy and legislation of the Athenian democracy.
  13. The evolution of the social and legal system of Ancient Rome.
  14. The development of civil justice and justice in ancient Rome.
  15. Development of private law in ancient Rome.
  16. The development of criminal justice and criminal law in Ancient Rome.
  17. Codification of Roman law.
  18. Formation of legal institutions of the feudal system.
  19. The rise of English parliamentarian.
  20. Roman Law in Medieval Europe.

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