100 Health Research Paper Topics

All people should understand that health is only personal responsibility. Most of all, doctors understand this since they are the ones who are faced with solving problems related to health. They also have to do a lot of research on this topic. A thesis on health should be in demand, reflect the current problems of the health care system, and be practice-oriented. The research should be carried out within one professional medical or psychological field. It is essential to formulate the topic of research so that it demonstrates the applied nature of the future work of a specialist. Find out how to choose the best theme below!

Tips on How to Select the Best Health Research Paper Topics?

To choose the best topic for research, you need to pay attention to several points. The topic should be clear to the author of the study. You can choose the topic the author already has some specific developments. The study will be of high quality if the researcher studies the area where she has the experience, practical skills, and abilities.

The topic should also be of interest to researchers and their colleagues, and the study should provide an opportunity for career growth and professional development. It is preferable to choose narrow topics that can be developed and considered from all sides in the course of writing the work. You should not dwell on topics that have already been studied in detail by other health researchers.

In this article, we offer you exciting sample research topics not only about physical health but also about psychology, including topics on aggression, anxiety, emotions, conflicts, temperament, sensations and perceptions, behavior, the impact of society on a teenager, age characteristics, problems relationships, psychological characteristics of personality, character, temperament, etc.

University students in individual research activities can use selected topics of projects on a healthy lifestyle or psychology to study the correct and healthy lifestyle. You can choose an exciting project topic yourself if you are sure that you want to study and show it in the research work.

List of Health Research Paper Topics

  1. Women’s health and motherhood.
  2. Factors affecting health.
  3. Psychology of healthy sleep.
  4. The content of the concepts of health and disease.
  5. Ideas about the social essence of a person and his health.
  6. Social aspects of a healthy person.
  7. Pathological stress.
  8. Adaptive hormones provide violations of the processes of adaptation.
  9. What theories consider the disease as a change in energy resources, the body’s capabilities?
  10. What are the violations of the body’s functions or parts, organs, systems?
  11. Health disorders, breakdowns, defects in the activity of the body, its organs, and systems.
  12. Violation of connections in a person, harmony with the external environment, adaptation to the environment.
  13. Violations of the integrity of the human body, its internal environment, violations of the constancy of the internal environment.
  14. Violation of the organism’s functions and mechanism of adaptation, violation of the general adaptation syndrome, and state of distress.
  15. The discrepancy between natural and organismal biorhythms.
  16. Influence of hyperdynamic on the state of health of a schoolchild.
  17. Influence of study load on the health status of secondary school students.
  18. The impact of exercise on human health.
  19. The influence of physical exercises on the formation of the musculoskeletal system (posture).
  20. Influence of physical culture and sports on children’s health.

20 Health-Related Topics for Research Paper

  1. Does physical activity affect the human heart?
  2. Magic Points of Health.
  3. Hypodynamia is a disease of civilization.
  4. The primary way to health is a sport.
  5. Determination of traumatism of young athletes.
  6. Hardening is an effective means of improving human health.
  7. A healthy child today is a healthy generation tomorrow.
  8. Indices of physical perfection of the organism of students.
  9. How to stay healthy and remain a good student?
  10. How to keep your eyesight?
  11. The negative impact of different types of shoes on a teenager’s foot.
  12. Posture and sets of exercises for the prevention of its violations.
  13. Features of the use of physical exercises in scoliosis.
  14. Correct posture and its importance for health and good study.
  15. How to deal with it?
  16. Sports health saves or squanders?
  17. Family Health Code. Does it exist in today’s realities?
  18. Physiological and hygienic factors as a condition for maintaining and strengthening the health of schoolchildren and adults.
  19. Health formula.
  20. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to good health.

20 Mental Health Research Paper Topics

  1. The aggression of a woman and a man. Why is aggression bad for health?
  2. Aggression is a dominant behavior of modern adolescents and can lead to.
  3. Destructive and positive behaviors of the student in the team.
  4. The relationship of sensation and perception as sensory processes. What can be violations?
  5. Types of conflicts. The harm of conflicts on mental health. Ways to resolve them.
  6. The influence of intellectual load on the emotional state of adolescents
  7. The influence of personal qualities on mental health.
  8. The influence of the student’s environment on the formation of character and valuable or harmful mental habits.
  9. The effect of listening to music on the memory and mental health of the student.
  10. The influence of the family on the socialization of a teenager and his mental health.
  11. The influence of character on the positive or negative activity of the student.
  12. Effect of color on human mood.
  13. The influence of colors in clothing on the emotional state of a person.
  14. The impact of corrective work on the biological age of a woman.
  15. Age features of a person. How not to get mental illness during an age crisis.
  16. Age-related psychological crises and how to deal with them.
  17. Volitional qualities of personality and their development. Benefits and harms of willpower.
  18. Education and self-education of character. How can you prevent yourself from mental illness?
  19. Deviant behavior in adolescence.
  20. Women in psychology and the psychology of women.

20 Research Paper Topics Health Care

  1. Immunoprophylaxis in Pediatrics.
  2. Counseling parents on the issues of immunoprophylaxis of childhood infections.
  3. Teaching self-control in hypertension.
  4. Education on self-care for diabetes mellitus.
  5. Education of the population on the issues of rational and dietary nutrition.
  6. Teaching the principles of a healthy lifestyle for the adult population.
  7. Teaching the principles of a healthy lifestyle for children (preschool, school, adolescence).
  8. Teaching the principles of a healthy lifestyle for the elderly and senile.
  9. Nutrition education for breastfeeding mothers.
  10. Planning for pregnancy.
  11. Abortion prevention.
  12. Anemia prevention.
  13. Prevention of atopic dermatitis in children.
  14. Prevention of HIV infection.
  15. Prevention of fungal diseases of the skin.
  16. Prevention of coronary heart disease.
  17. Obesity prevention.
  18. Prevention of acute intestinal infections in children.
  19. Prevention of parenteral hepatitis.
  20. Prevention of food allergies in children.

20 Health Research Paper Ideas

  1. The influence of biorhythms on the physical performance of students and working people.
  2. Influence of motor activity on physical fitness.
  3. The influence of a healthy lifestyle on the physical development of a person and a child.
  4. Influence of observance of the daily regimen on the state of health and success in teaching pupils of primary and senior school age.
  5. The main components of a healthy lifestyle.
  6. How to lead a healthy lifestyle without bad habits.
  7. How do I lead a healthy lifestyle?
  8. How I see a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Rational mode of loading and rest of the schoolboy and the working person.
  10. Physical culture as a means of motivating a healthy lifestyle.
  11. Is sport part of a healthy lifestyle?
  12. Prevention of rickets.
  13. Prevention of respiratory allergies.
  14. Prevention of premature aging.
  15. Prevention of tuberculosis.
  16. Health lesson for patients with bronchial asthma.
  17. A health lesson for diabetic patients.
  18. Healthy rational nutrition is a means of improving the performance of an athlete.
  19. The effect of physical activity and good nutrition increases the child’s growth.
  20. Healthy eating is the key to good health.

Still Can’t Think of Any Good Topics on Health Research Paper?

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