Great Feminist Research Paper Topics Examples

Writing a research paper on feminism is a popular assignment for college and university students. This movement attracts people who want to fight for women’s rights and equality between sexes.

At first sight, it looks controversial and challenging, but there are a lot of materials on this subject that help students cover any feminist paper theme. However, many face difficulty of how to select a good top topic for a research paper about the feminist movement.

Therefore, students should discuss this important issue in their papers, and here we will look at the list of top topics for your feminist research.

How to Select the Best Feminist Research Paper Topic?

Feminist research topics are abundant, so how to choose yours? First, follow a few basic principles to make a rich choice and create an engaging paper on feminism. They will help you get an A+ for your research paper about the feminist movement and enjoy the writing process. So let’s explore the guideline for selecting a stellar research paper theme:

Be Specific and Clear

Writing a research paper on feminism, do not select too broad or narrow themes. It’s vital to cover in your paper relevant aspects that will engage you as the writer and readers. A broad topic causes you to say too much about everything, but there’s no clear message.

On the contrary, choosing a specific question may suffer from a lack of proper study materials. Your text will be watery when you try to adhere to word number rules but will have nothing to tell about.

Ensure There Are Enough Materials

So you know that generating a research paper about feminism, you should check the availability of sources in advance. Once you know what to cover in your paper, browse the web materials and ask a librarian or your professor.

You will have to use ample reference materials in your work to make the paper professional and get an excellent mark. If you see there are not enough sources, modify the theme and make it more manageable.

Choose a Topic of Your Interest

You will not do good research if a topic you cover is not interesting to you. It determines your paper’s success as an engaging theme will make you enjoy the writing process. You can read articles and books and review lecture materials on feminism to determine what topic interests you the most. Make sure it engages the audience and is relevant and objective.

List of Feminist Research Paper Topics

With so many feminist research paper topics for different academic levels, you should select the appropriate one for your studying level. Let’s find the research paper about feminist ideas for high school, college, and university students:

  • The four waves of feminism
  • Violation of women’s rights in the Middle East
  • Gender equity & gender equality
  • Artemisia Gentileschi and the feminist theory
  • How feminism can influence domestic violence
  • The feminist movement in different countries
  • Abortion rights: is terminating a life justified?
  • Feminism and self-determination
  • Black women in feminism
  • What are appropriate means of feminist expression
  • How the feminist movement impacted society
  • The role of male feminism
  • Is it possible to achieve total gender equality
  • The influence of feminism on the beauty industry
  • Feminist movement outcomes

So select a theme of your academic level you can handle successfully and craft a perfect paper.

Feminist Sociology Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper about feminist sociology is not easy, but we have a list of amazing topic ideas. Move on and explore possible paper themes on feminist sociology and come up with your unique topic.

  • Universal inequality between men and women
  • Socially constructed gender norms
  • Is patriarchy the main cause of gender inequality
  • Feminism and its four types
  • What is radical feminism and Rosemarie Tong
  • How radical feminism portrays men and women
  • The concept of radical-libertarian feminism
  • Political Lesbianism and political celibacy
  • Marxist feminists and gender inequalities
  • Liberal feminism and the Sex Discrimination Act
  • The masculinist Enlightenment Project in feminist theory
  • Postmodern feminism’s discourses
  • Helene Cixous: A postmodern feminism theorist
  • Ethnocentric perspective in difference feminism
  • Feminist perspectives on the family

Topics for Feminist Philosophy Research Paper

Feminism is a philosophical question in some respect as it raises controversial issues that influence society. Find more ideas for your research paper about feminist philosophy:

  • The source of feminism
  • The role of Charlotte Witt in the feminist philosophical canon
  • Feminism ideas on identity and gender
  • What is a feminist social philosophy
  • Feminist philosophy of science
  • The place of philosophical feminism in modern science
  • Are there still gender stereotypes in 2022
  • Is feminism the only tool for conquering female freedom
  • The problem of understanding feminism’s definition
  • Pro-feminism movements in your country

Feminist Research Paper Ideas

Let’s find other creative ideas for writing an engaging research paper about the feminist movement:

  • The influence of advertisement on feminist attitude
  • Feminism and cinema
  • The role of art in the feminist movement
  • Prominent artists who changed feminism
  • Social media and feminism development
  • How to become a feminist and change society
  • Ancient beliefs about a woman and their influence on modern society
  • Why do some ethnic groups prohibit feminism
  • What are feminism’s drawbacks
  • Radical feminism and how it splits society

We hope these interesting topic ideas will help you stand out with your research paper and find what attracts you to feminism the most.


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