Top 60 Evolution Research Paper Topics

Evolutionary theorists are interested in the origins of life on Earth and how it has evolved. If you are assigned to write a research paper on any topic of your choice, you might find it difficult to narrow down a list of the subjects. Instead, select a topic related to the main subject you are interested in. It will allow you to create well-grounded research.

How to Select the Best Evolution Research Paper Topics?

What makes a research paper different from other assignments is that you must offer your unique view on the topic you analyze. In addition, you are required to demonstrate what conclusions you came to after conducting your research. While you should base your arguments on trusted sources, including books and articles published on the topic, you must also provide your input.

In this article, we have rounded up the most engaging research paper topics about evolution that will help you write your assignment and bring your point across easily.

List of Evolution Research Paper Topics

If you have been tasked with writing a Darwinism research paper, you might wonder which topics best correspond to your research interests. We have rounded up the top 20 topics you may explore and use as sources of inspiration. Use them to provide a unique take on the topic given to you by your professor.

  • How is the theory of Darwinism related to ethics?
  • The main limitations of Darwinism theory.
  • How was modern science affected by Darwin’s theory?
  • What were the main evolution theories before “The Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin?
  • What are the widely-spread misconceptions about Darwinism theory?
  • Is it possible to explain social movements using evolution theory?
  • What are the main concepts of evolution theory?
  • The foundations of evolutionary psychology.
  • What facts did Darwin use to develop his theory?
  • Was Charles Darwin influenced by Alfred Wallace?
  • The main grounds of essentialism.
  • Who are the most prominent critics of evolutionary theory?
  • What is the use of the Tree of Life metaphor?
  • How is the concept of selfish genes related to Neo-Darwinism?
  • The main discovery was made by Hugo De Vries.
  • How does Mendelian genetics relate to Darwinian evolution theory?
  • How to explain evolution theory using the concept of evolved adaptation?
  • The nature of somatic selection and the risks it entails.
  • What was Lamarck’s concept of organic change?
  • Criticism of synthetic development theory.

Each of these topics will help you write a fact-based research paper and come to your conclusion. By analyzing the available takes on these problems, you can develop your views and impress your professor with a well-elaborated argument.

15 Interesting Evolution Topics for Research Paper

In case you are on the lookout for an engaging topic for writing your research paper on development theory, you may select any suitable option from the list below:

  1. New takes on the development of plant mating systems.
  2. Main interactions between biotic and abiotic factors.
  3. How is evolution affected by genetic diversity?
  4. Sexual conflict within the framework of post-copulatory sexual selection.
  5. Host-parasite relationship and the theory of coevolution.
  6. Development of DNA sequences.
  7. Development of microbes and viruses.
  8. The evolutionary origin of the adaptive immune system.
  9. Principles of unilinear and multilinear evolution.
  10. Evolution of human infectious diseases.
  11. Ecology and life-history evolution.
  12. Development forces behind speciation.
  13. The evolutionary ecology of cognition.
  14. The social effects of the theory of evolution.
  15. Evolutionary-based research of attractiveness.

You can improve your research paper by adding interesting facts that prove your point to make it more attention-grabbing. While your research should be based on authoritative sources, leave some space for your own opinion and demonstrate how your findings might impact the common perception of an issue.

Top 15 Human Evolution Topics Research Paper

Development is a long process that resulted in the appearance of modern humans who originated from apelike ancestors. You can explore a lot of captivating research topics related to this subject.

  1. Why did humans evolve to walk upright?
  2. Main evolutionary blunders: Neanderthals.
  3. The evolutionary advantages of human cooperation.
  4. The major steps of the evolution of the human eyes.
  5. Partner scarcity and the evolution of monogamy.
  6. What are the reasons behind human intelligence: evolution or mutation?
  7. The evolutionary origins of unconscious positive emotional responses.
  8. The “Red Queen” hypothesis and the role of adaptation in the coevolution of species.
  9. The evolutionary origins of human domination of nature.
  10. The evolution of sexual reproduction.
  11. Evolutionary benefits of culture and traditions.
  12. Modern-day evolution of the human species.
  13. Development of brain shape and cognitive abilities of humans.
  14. The importance of genetic variations in human evolution.
  15. Main principles of evolutionary medicine.

Regardless of the topic, base your argument on solid research. Since most of these topics are hotly discussed, you will easily find authors to help you find a unique take on a problem.

10 More Evolution Research Paper Ideas to Choose From

If you are still looking for captivating topics for your research paper, take a look at these 10 extra topics that are sure to grab the interest of your readers.

  1. How was climate change affected by evolution?
  2. How did dinosaurs evolve into birds?
  3. What were the first life forms on Earth, and how did they evolve?
  4. Parallel evolution is the driving force in speciation.
  5. Development is based on the cooperative behaviour of species.
  6. Animal evolution is caused by domestication.
  7. The evolution of cnidarians.
  8. The evolutionary ecology of complex parasites.
  9. Blunders of human-induced evolution.
  10. The potential effects of cloning on evolution.

While these topics require more careful consideration, they allow you to give free rein to your creativity and impress your professor with a well-written research paper.

Summing Up

After selecting the topic you like, you need to conduct thorough research to ensure that you will have something new to add. Read recent publications to find some fresh ideas to build your argument on. However, if you lack the time or feel that you won’t be able to create a well-written article, reach out to our team. Our experienced writers will help you develop your ideas and submit your assignment in time.