120 Ethical Research Paper Topics

Ethics is a multidimensional discipline covering many subjects exciting to research. Nevertheless, having the right to free choice of the topic, students often face the difficulties of having no idea for a research paper. If you have a major in ethics and are eager to tackle this problem forever, follow the advice of our experienced writers or select a topic from the list below.

Tips on How to Select the Best Ethical Research Paper Topics?

If you need further assistance with selecting a topic from true specialists, check the tips from our pro writers. Based on their expertise, they made up practical advice that will come in handy.

  1. The topic should correspond to your personal opinions.

When you write a research paper, you should not only provide the findings but also analyze them and offer your ideas. If the topic meets your mind, it will be much easier for you to stand for all the points of view. All in all, chances to write stellar work will double.

  1. The topic should be genuinely topical.

Try not to pick something just to pick. Always turn to find something truly relevant and exciting. Your topic should be eye-catching to make people eager to read your research paper.

  1. The topic should not be multifaceted.

It is not the most sensible idea to select a topic that will cover as many aspects as possible. Conciseness and brevity are what you truly need. It is much better to research one matter at a high level than a few ones somehow.

List of Ethical Research Paper Topics

  1. The phenomenon of trust
  2. Internet Ethics: Theoretical Foundations, Current State and Prospects
  3. Assessment of the relationship between man and technology in modern philosophical concepts
  4. Problems of gender self-determination of a person
  5. The ideal of free education
  6. Violence and the problem of overcoming it
  7. Death and immortality in modern philosophical thinking
  8. Significant issues of judicial ethics
  9. Moral restrictions of the mass media when covering ongoing issues
  10. The ethical aspect of the death penalty
  11. Euthanasia is a moral choice
  12. Moral issues of organ transplantation
  13. Bioethical issues of the medicalization of life
  14. Moral criticism of the principles of racial anthropology
  15. Ethic foundations of PR activities
  16. Ethical analysis of the idea of patriotism
  17. Poverty as a social and moral problem
  18. Arguments in discussions about the beginning of human life
  19. Perception of the world by the current generation
  20. Mystery of religion

20 Easy Topics for Research Paper

  1. Moral values
  2. Entrepreneurial Ethics
  3. Ethics of care
  4. Creativity as a moral value
  5. Ethics as “practical philosophy”
  6. Specificity of ethical categories
  7. Ethics and religion
  8. Happiness: An ethical analysis
  9. What is ethics in essence?
  10. Morality in the cultural system
  11. Moral problems of war
  12. The highest values ​​in the ethical teachings of ancient China
  13. The moral ideal of antiquity
  14. Strategy and features of ethic assessment
  15. Morality in the cultural system
  16. Morality in modern society
  17. Ethics of history
  18. The problem of ethical progress
  19. The specifics of the historical change in morality
  20. Human rights as the moral value of civilization

20 Ethical Issues Research Paper Topics

  1. The problem of ethical assessment of historical events
  2. The issue of justifying morality
  3. The problem of freedom in ethics
  4. The phenomenon of friendship in ancient ethics
  5. Freedom in a situation of moral conflict
  6. The issue of the meaning of life as a subject of ethical research
  7. The problem of the relationship between ends and means
  8. Communication problem: Ethical aspect
  9. The problem of value in ethics
  10. The issue of truth in ethics
  11. Public opinion in the system of ethic regulation
  12. Mystery as a phenomenon of life
  13. Foundations of modern international law
  14. Moral parameters of professional activity
  15. The specifics of professional ethics
  16. The phenomenon of envy: An ethical study
  17. Historical forms of cosmopolitanism and its psychological meaning
  18. Non-material problems of technogenic civilization
  19. The word as a subject of emotional research
  20. Dreams: Opportunities for ethical understanding

20 Ethical Egoism Research Paper Topics

  1. Moral and psychological aspects of loneliness
  2. Ethics of reasonable egoism
  3. How does ethical selfishness describe a basic fact about human nature?
  4. Moral feelings and intuition
  5. Difficulty of choice
  6. Why is ethical egoism not a very popular moral philosophy?
  7. Psychological aspects of suicide
  8. Reasonable egoism as a type of a philosophical position
  9. Conflict of interest in the theory of ethical egoism
  10. Contradiction in ethical egoism
  11. Ethical research of lies
  12. Archetypes of moral consciousness
  13. Fear as a moral phenomenon
  14. Arguments in support of honest selfishness
  15. How do ethically egoistic people benefit society as a whole?
  16. Matter of motivation in ethical egoism
  17. The best ways to achieve goals according to ethical egoism
  18. The phenomenon of plagiarism: Features of honest assessment
  19. Revealing the specifics of moral statements in analytical ethics
  20. Compassion and mercy as moral phenomena

20 Ethical Leadership Research Paper Topics

  1. Aims and means in modern politics: An ethical analysis
  2. Responsibilities of the leader
  3. Leadership as a social phenomenon
  4. What is ethical leadership?
  5. Advantages of ethical leadership?
  6. Ethical leadership as an attempt to avoid scandal
  7. Ethical understanding of leadership
  8. Moral problems of a leader
  9. Criteria and ethical grounds for leadership in a new formation
  10. The problem of moral education and self-improvement of the individual
  11. The principle of persistence in traditional morality
  12. The problematic nature of ethic innovation in modern conditions
  13. Possibilities for the Ethical Justification of Individualism
  14. What is responsible behavior according to ethical leadership?
  15. What is the role of motivation in the actions of a leader?
  16. How to act according to moral principles?
  17. The matter of choice in the theory of ethical leadership
  18. How to balance your personal and organizational values?
  19. Role of code of ethics to ethical leader
  20. What is the line between ethics and rules?

20 Controversial Topics for Ethical Research Paper

  1. Nostalgia as a kind of moral reflection
  2. The phenomenon of forgiveness in moral regulation
  3. The problem of sexual cynicism in modern culture
  4. Morality and politics
  5. Public morality and ethics of individual excellence
  6. Methods for taking moral grounds into account when making decisions in business ethics
  7. The moral status of the intelligentsia
  8. Is a moral justification for violence possible?
  9. Ethics of attitude towards animals
  10. Modern utilitarianism and its critics
  11. Decision logic is based on the choice of lesser evil
  12. The problem of defining the beginning of human life in the context of bioethics
  13. The influence of information flows on the moral consciousness of a person
  14. Possibilities and limits of rational understanding of morality
  15. Sincerity and self-deception in the structure of moral consciousness
  16. Civil service ethics: Regulatory principles and mechanisms for their implementation
  17. Moral concepts of free upbringing
  18. Ethical regulation of virtual reality
  19. Love as a principle of moral relations
  20. The phenomenon of the institutionalization of morality

10 Ethical Research Paper Ideas

  1. Weigh all the tips above and select the most appropriate topic.
  2. Choose a subject you are competent in or at least eager to research.
  3. If ethics is your discipline, revise the material covering your course.
  4. Read different sources of information but consider exclusively reliable ones.
  5. Include many ideas in your paper and compare them.
  6. Don’t rewrite someone’s article; try to make your conclusions.
  7. It is always sensible to show the evolution of the theory you stand for.
  8. Find or make up examples to prove your findings.
  9. Reread the whole text and correct possible mistakes.
  10. Apply for proofreading services to pro specialists.

Still Can’t Think of Any Good Topics on Ethics Research Paper?

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