Education Research Paper Topics: TOP-50 Ideas in 2022

Writing about education may seem easy at first glance. However, as soon as you sit down to complete your home task in this subject, you may easily get stuck with no ideas in mind. It’s effortless to confuse terms, fail to find an appropriate topic, or wander among numerous arguments for hours.

Thus, we are here to help you with a list of fresh, attention-grabbing, and exciting education research paper topics. Pick one of them to craft your next paper; it will be much easier to jumpstart your writing process with a good idea at hand.

How to Select Education Research Paper Topics

Working on any assignment starts with topic selection, as without a concrete theme and focus, you will be unable to develop sound arguments. If you choose a broad topic, it will be challenging to formulate a thesis statement and find relevant evidence. If the topic is too narrow, offering debatable ideas and thought-provoking analysis will be hard. Thus, you need to approach this research step with proper rigor and consideration. Here are some ideas to simplify the process.

#1 Follow your interests

It’s vital to choose a topic that speaks to you, which will make the process of writing simpler, quicker, and more enjoyable. As a result of picking a relevant and exciting subject, you will be able to express your opinion, examine the subject of interest in more depth, and advance your overall understanding of that subject.

#2 Conduct research

Researching the topic you’ve picked is also an integral part of preparing for the writing stage. No matter how passionate you are about the subject, you need to check whether there’s any published research available on it to date. If others haven’t written about your subject, you won’t have enough supporting evidence to back your claims, thus risking producing weak arguments.

#3 Consider the audience

Finally, the audience for which you’re writing is essential. If the professor will be the only one to read your paper, it’s necessary to take care of making the assignment well-connected to class readings and lecture material. If you’re presenting the paper to a class, you should make the content simpler and more engaging, thus keeping their attention and appealing to an audience with different levels of subject matter competence.

15 Research Paper Topics About Education

  1. Effective methods of violence prevention at schools.
  2. Is participation in teacher unions a suitable method of personal and professional development?
  3. The rationale for using adapted physical training classes at schools.
  4. Play-based learning in early childhood learning.
  5. What benefits can the grouping method give to teachers and learners?
  6. The use of blended learning in the classroom: pros and cons.
  7. Practical ways of teaching digital literacy.
  8. Diagnostics of the student’s learning style: implications for instructors.
  9. Is standardized testing obsolete?
  10. The steady rise of homeschooling: implications for the future generations.
  11. Single-sex education – pros and cons for learners.
  12. What is the relevance of boarding schools for the modern educational system?
  13. Is everything okay with the modern school schedule? Tips for its optimization.
  14. State grants and Race to Top: impact on the educational quality.
  15. Can violence at schools be totally eliminated?

15 Special Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Is trauma-informed teaching more effective in special education?
  2. How can teachers deal with twice-exceptional students better?
  3. The role of parental support in special education.
  4. What role does technology play in special instruction?
  5. Cultural diversity in a special learning classroom.
  6. Autism and special education: implications for educators.
  7. Is STEM instruction delivered differently in special education settings?
  8. The most effective ways of boosting student engagement in a special classroom.
  9. How is adaptive physical education delivered in special education settings?
  10. Is ADHD a cause for seeking special education for the child?
  11. Child assessment in a special classroom; differences from regular assessment.
  12. What inclusive strategies can address the special needs of learners in a mainstream class?
  13. Blended and online learning for students with special needs.
  14. Ways of addressing disproportionality in special education.
  15. What are the dropout statistics for special needs classes in the USA?

10 Interesting Research Paper Topics About Education

  1. Plagiarism in school papers: practical ways to teach students authenticity and ethics.
  2. The place of collaborative learning in classroom practices.
  3. The need for more leadership training since the start of schooling.
  4. Charter schools and inclusivity: are these terms mutually exclusive?
  5. Computer-aided education: implications for learning efficiency.
  6. Can peers give objective, competent feedback on academic assignments?
  7. Pros and cons of homeschooling.
  8. Sex education in the U.S. schools: what is the ideal timing for these classes?
  9. Financial aid to talented students: does it really help all gifted learners?
  10. The role of religious education in modern schools.

10 Higher Education Topics Research Paper

  1. The evolution of STEM education in higher learning establishments.
  2. Should everyone pursue higher education?
  3. The impact of higher education on career success.
  4. Arguments for and against going to college or university.
  5. Online courses cannot give the quality of brick-and-mortar education. Discuss.
  6. Implications of academic dishonesty cases.
  7. Common reasons for students’ dropout from university. How can the state help?
  8. Best practices for adult education.
  9. The problem of information overload among university students.
  10. Does lecture attendance contribute to better knowledge retention?

Final Tip

When it comes to research paper topics, education is a tricky field that offers a realm of ideas and themes for examination. However, it often happens that you don’t understand the context of your discussion and confuse terms, which may reduce your grade or require substantial revisions. Thus, if you want to compose such an assignment on your own, make sure to research the subject widely, understand the interests and concerns of stakeholders, and then present it in a coherent argument.

If you feel unable to write a thought-provoking paper on education, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. Our papers writing services are available 24/7 and can compose an excellent piece that will surely delight your professor.