Disney Research Paper Topics: Find Inspiration Here

Your essay’s exciting and unusual topic is the first step to success. And what could be cooler than Disney? It’s time to learn about this universe from cartoons and conduct your own investigation. You can study interesting characters, their impact on our society, the secrets of a career in the Disney universe, etc.

It is a common problem but an easy fix. Don’t know how to choose a topic and have no idea what to write about? We’ll give you helpful tips on your choice and several collections of research paper topics about Disney.

How to Select the Best Disney Research Paper Topics?

Before you start looking for your perfect theme, take a look at the history and development of Disney. It will help you understand what other directions you can consider for a good choice. If you have enough time for research, watch some cartoons and documentaries about this universe. This approach will help you inspire a new idea.

If there is not much time, it is better to select what you like. For example, your favorite cartoon is Rapunzel. Think about what you would like to write about her – becoming a hero, relationships with other characters, etc. Also, consider other tips:

  • State the topic clearly.
  • Prepare the primary sources of information in advance.
  • After writing, reread the text to match the title of the subject.

We are always happy to help you, so we tried to be creative and prepare research paper topics about Disney that might interest you. Feel free to modify them a little, narrow them down, or broaden them.

The Ultimate List of Disney Research Paper Topics

If the topic is popular and has an extensive database of research papers on it, most likely, it is relevant. Do not be afraid of such issues. Your vision may differ from others or coincide with a different argument. Explore topics that have been so popular among students in recent years:

  1. Disney’s influence on other animation companies.
  2. Conflicts in the Disney universe.
  3. Analysis of the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast.”
  4. Film Frozen: social and behavioral norms.
  5. Most famous stereotypes about male and female characters in Disney.
  6. Famous child actors in Disney.
  7. Propaganda in Disney films and cartoons.
  8. Consumerism and Influence of Disney Magic.
  9. Do Disney Movies have reality aspects?
  10. Culture of Disney universe and its impact on modern cartoon trends.
  11. What are the most common themes in Disney cartoons?
  12. How are Disney movies and cartoons different from the work of other animation companies?
  13. Moral aspect in Peter Pan film.
  14. Role of symphonic hits in Disney cartoons.
  15. The worst Disney cartoons and movies.
  16. Advertising aspects in the Disney universe.
  17. Tim Burton’s work in Disney: Best cartoons and movies.
  18. The secret of Disney’s success.
  19. The best female actors in the Disney universe.
  20. Cult of animals in the Disney universe.

15 Research Paper Topics About Disney Movies

When you hear about the Disney universe, you imagine movies. So why not reveal one of them in the form of an essay? Some exciting research paper topics about Disney are below:

  1. Why do negative characters cause more sympathy than positive ones in Disney?
  2. Are Disney cartoons tolerant of all ethnicities and skin colors?
  3. The influence of contemporary Disney films on society.
  4. Similar and distinctive features of the old and new Disney movies.
  5. What are the good and bad things Disney movies teach us?
  6. How has the image of women in Disney films changed over the past 20 years?
  7. The evolution of the image of a man from the beginning to the present day in Disney cartoons movies.
  8. Does watching Disney movies increase or decrease self-esteem?
  9. Why is the cartoon “Soul” considered one of the best works of the universe in recent years?
  10. Are feminist themes being explored at Disney?
  11. How has animation changed in old and new Disney cartoons?
  12. New villain concepts in Disney cartoons and movies over the past five years.
  13. The most anticipated Disney premieres in 2022-2023.
  14. Cult of songs from cartoons and Disney movies.
  15. How are Disney cartoons made?

10 Walt Disney Research Paper Topics

This selection of topics may surprise you as it contains some easy themes as well as difficult ones about the life and business of Walt Disney :

  1. What is the success of so many Walt Disney Oscars?
  2. The history and background of the opening of Disneyland by Walt Disney.
  3. Life obstacles on Walt Disney’s path.
  4. Why do some people consider Walt Disney a racist?
  5. Does the legacy of Walt Disney live today?
  6. Why did Walt Disney’s business survive during World War II?
  7. What plans did Walt Disney not manage to implement regarding its business?
  8. How did employees treat Walt Disney like a boss?
  9. Walt Disney and FBI: What was their collaboration?
  10. Breakthrough in the animation industry by Walt Disney.

10 BONUS Disney Research Paper Ideas

You can’t decide on a topic because some important key is missing? Let’s work together. We give you an idea, and you come up with a theme. It sounds like an exciting adventure.

  1. Disney’s impact on states: The USA and France.
  2. Emotional state after watching a favorite Disney cartoon.
  3. Best lyrics and dynamic songs in the Disney universe.
  4. Disney and its contribution to the fairy tale genre.
  5. Impact of 21st Century Fox on Disney.
  6. The Disney universe and its vulnerable area.
  7. Most famous Disney’s legal suits.
  8. Disney Parks and Resorts in the world.
  9. How can I build a career at Disney?
  10. Impact of Disney on American values.

Help Me to Write the Best Research Paper

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We can consider your wishes and interests and provide a list of research paper topics about Disney. You can always get a draft if you want to control the writing process. Relax and enjoy the finished work.