Dance Research Paper Topics: Find Inspiration Here

Can dance be considered a challenging topic for an essay? Of course, yes, especially if it’s difficult for you to choose the topic or understand why it is relevant today. The essence of dancing is in the unity of the soul and body and the description of national cultural characteristics.

So, every topic has a lot to tell, and you just need to pick one. Do you have some difficulties choosing the most suitable theme to discuss? We have prepared for you selecting criteria and the best research paper topics about dance.

How to Select the Best Dance Research Paper Topic?

The most challenging thing is choosing a research paper topic because the process of writing can be fun and easy if you like the theme you have chosen. And for this, you need to have a responsible approach.

  • It would be best if you liked the topic. If you are not interested in writing, for example, about the dances of India, such an essay will not be interesting to read.
  • Don’t choose a complicated topic if you don’t have enough time to study it. A simple one supported by interesting examples will make more impression than a complex topic not adequately covered in your work.
  • Before making your final choice, do some research on your primary sources. It will help you compile key points of the paper. If there are not enough sources, it is better to continue searching among other research paper topics about dance.
  • Choose a topic that will be relevant to today’s time or events.
  • The topic also depends on the scope of work. If it is small, it is better not to choose an extensive topic since you will not be able to cover it in 600-1,000 words.
  • After you write your paper, don’t be afraid to change your subject a little. Reread what you wrote and ask yourself, “Does the title fit what I wrote?”

In most cases, you will more likely write a good essay if the topic is not new to you. For example, you are a dancer in some style, or you are interested in Ancient Greece history and could highlight its history of dances. There is no such thing as a lousy topic choice if you are diligent and creative.

The Best List of Dance Research Paper Topics

Among the most popular dancing topics that may interest you are:

  1. What impact does dance have on our mental and physical health?
  2. How is dance expressiveness conveyed in choreography?
  3. Can dance exist apart from music?
  4. Media space and dance: is there a connection between them?
  5. How does dance choreography intersect with literature?
  6. How does dancing affect the emotional development of children and adults?
  7. How is pop dance different from the folk dance?
  8. Does dancing help develop musicality?
  9. The impact of dancing on human memory.
  10. Exciting myths and legends about dances.
  11. Can dance be a propaganda tool?
  12. Do musical trends affect the further development of dances?
  13. What is the uniqueness of dance as an act of art?
  14. Dance is one of the methods of therapy.
  15. Is plasticity necessary in all dance styles?

10 Dance History Research Paper Topics

For a long time, dance was one of the main ways of communication, and it might be interesting to know its history. So the most exciting history research paper topics about dance are:

  1. The first mention of dance in history.
  2. What are the differences between the dances of the ancient Romans, Greeks, and African people?
  3. What was the meaning of dance for our ancestors in ancient times?
  4. How has tango changed from the 1880s to today?
  5. Comparison of dance culture in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  6. Similar and distinctive features of the national dances of Asia and Europe.
  7. The first choreographic performances in Europe and the USA.
  8. The development of duet dance during the 15th-21st centuries.
  9. The role of dance in historical costume balls.
  10. Comparison of dances of aristocrats and the poor in the 18-19th centuries.

10 Modern Dance Research Paper Topics

If you want a more modern theme, write about the role and features of dance today.

  1. What are modern dance and its key features compared to the dance of the past era?
  2. Is dance an act of protest in modern society?
  3. What modern dances are reproductions of old ones?
  4. The role of dance in sports competitions.
  5. Basic principles of modern choreography.
  6. The role and features of modern ballet.
  7. Modern variations of Jazz.
  8. How has street dancing influenced modern choreography?
  9. New directions of modern dance over the past ten years.
  10. In what dances are improvisation and mixing of styles acceptable?

10 BONUS Dance Research Paper Ideas

If none of the topics listed above appealed to you, we have something else to propose to you.

  1. Why are elements of acrobatics present in dance?
  2. How does the US dance subculture affect teenagers?
  3. Popular stereotypes about dances and dancers.
  4. Can dance be harmful to health?
  5. Do I need to have a dance education to teach dance to others?
  6. Why is dance considered the mirror of the soul?
  7. Features of dance choreography in modern theater.
  8. Distinctive features of the valves in different countries of the world.
  9. Why did dance retain its relevance when writing appeared?
  10. Was dance a ritual of worshiping the gods in ancient times?

Who Can Help You to Write a Perfect Search Paper?

We have no doubt that you will select a relevant and exciting topic. However, writing an essay is not an easy task. Sometimes, it can be challenging to gather your thoughts and present ideas in one paper. So why not turn to professionals for help? You probably have many other assignments with closer deadlines.

You may give your topic or choose from the proposed list of research paper topics about dance. Every stage of writing the paper will be discussed with you. If you have any comments or suggestions, professional paper writers will consider them. Do you have a living example that you would like to include in your essay? Describe it in your words, and they will add it naturally to the text.