Your Catalog of Enthralling Cyber Security Research Paper Topics

Cyber security is a relatively new and vast field. It covers a lot of issues related to technologies and safety. Cyber security students are lucky to study such an engaging subject. But the educational requirements are still the same: everyone has to write a research paper. And here comes the most challenging part: choosing research paper topics on cyber security.

Even though cybersecurity, by its nature, is quite an interesting subject, it isn’t very clear to choose only one topic. Considering that cybersecurity subjects have many sub-subjects like cybercrime, information security, cyber law, computer security, and so on, students blow their minds selecting the paper topic.

So here we are, helping you pick the right theme and create your winning cybersecurity research paper topic. Get yourself prepared for the top paper topics in cyber security.

Tips on How to Select the Best Research Paper Topics on Cyber Security

Sometimes the research paper writing process cannot be as exhausting as choosing the research paper topic. However, it is some research before doing your actual research. To simplify the selection process, mind these tips.

Orientate on the Topic’s Relevance

The main criteria for your topic are to be relevant. Since you must continue researching a question and developing your solution or hypothesis, the theme must correspond with the modern situation. For example, you wouldn’t be writing about hackers by phone but rather about social media cyberattacks.

Look for the Background

Since the research paper is not only about describing your research process, you must put some theory into it. And yes, you must write about popular scientific works and discoveries in your field. What will you do if the theoretical background does not cover your topic enough? Then your task is to analyze which topic will have the most powerful background and choose it.

Predict the Difficulties

No doubt you want to pick up a theme that will be easy to write about. However, it often happens that the student focuses on a very engaging topic, but it appears that this topic is controversial. So to avoid meeting pitfalls in cyber security research paper topics, analyze the most difficult moments about the desired topic and think about whether you can overcome the challenges.

Top List of Cyber Security Topics for Research Paper

After reading our research paper topics on cyber security below, you will at least have an idea of what your perfect topic should look like. Then, don’t hesitate to use them while writing your research papers.

  • Is two-factor authentication that reliable?
  • Possible security breaks and their prevention while working remotely
  • Setting reliable privacy settings in social media
  • Comparative analysis of the best antivirus programs
  • Cyber security in the cryptocurrency world
  • How to recognize phishing attacks?
  • Should data security be updated frequently?
  • Impact of using VPN on data security
  • IP address: how can hackers use this information?
  • Symmetric algorithms in cyber security: advantages and disadvantages
  • Main–in-the-middle attack and its nature
  • How does the DDoS attack appear: measures of prevention
  • Are cybercrimes in different countries treated in the same way?
  • Fraud methods: a comparative analysis
  • GhostNet: what is it, and how does it work?
  • Signs of SQL injection attack: methods of prevention
  • “Anonymous” group revealed
  • The ethical side of AI technologies
  • GDPR: how it works and how to comply with it
  • The importance of Internet regulations to prevent disclosing adult content
  • Cyber security law and its history: discourse into the past
  • How can cyberbullying be regulated in online education?
  • How to detect cyberbullying in social media?
  • Catfishing attacks: methods of detection and prevention
  • AI attacks: what they are and how to cope with them
  • Wireless data exchange: are there any risks?
  • Are chatbots safe?
  • Ways to restore data after data breaches
  • Cyber security while using biometrics
  • How to be safe when downloading materials?

Now you can be sure that the number of research paper topics on cyber security is limitless. You can research any issue from any perspective, which will be interesting and engaging. However, we know that students are maximalists, so we prepared some more cyber security research paper topics below.

Modern Mobile Cyber Security Research Paper Topics

Cyber security is quite an actual theme for mobile users. Nowadays, any type of work can be performed by mobile phones, and people are no longer interested in carrying heavy laptops. However, the risks of being hacked via mobile phone are the same as via computer. And that is what you can research in your cyber security research paper.

Meet our list of outstanding mobile cyber security research paper topics below:

  • Best practices for mobile cyber security overview
  • How to detect a malicious application?
  • How can mobile phones be hacked?
  • Are there any risks in using public Wi-Fi?
  • Data leaks in mobile apps: is it possible?
  • How to create a strong security environment when using applications?
  • Is Face ID that data protective?
  • How to recognize the signs of hackers on your mobile phone
  • Methods to recognize that your phone is being tapped?
  • Portable devices: are they safe?

With such an amount of cyber security research paper topics, you can sleep well knowing that the idea of writing your perfect paper is in front of you. Use our topics as hints and create your perfect cyber security research paper topic.

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