100 Chemistry Research Paper Topics

Have a major in chemistry but no idea for a research paper? It is time you dealt with the challenge. With the help of pro specialists in academic writing, you have an opportunity to pick a topic that suits you the best. Solely the experienced and competent writers worked on the information below. They did their best to make the process of chem research paper writing as simple as possible.

There are a few pieces of practical advice on choosing the right topic. Also, you can check ten tips from experts that will come in handy for dealing with the research paper. All in all, below, you will get acquainted with life hacks that will change your studying forever!

Tips on How to Select the Best Chemistry Research Paper Topics?

Considering the most common difficulties students face, our pro writers have formed a list of the tips you should be aware of before selecting a topic for your research.

  1. Choose the relevant aspect.

To make your research paper successful, select an appropriate topic. It should be both significant and intriguing. It will be more exciting for you to research it too. Relevance of the theme is critical because it increases your chances of finding impressive information that will add interestingness to your paper. It may be an ongoing issue that is well familiar to everyone.

  1. Prefer practical ideas.

Chemistry is a discipline that provides for conducting experiments, practical research, etc. To that end, your topic should be corresponding. If you have no idea how to choose an appropriate subject, think more about your everyday life. There should be something you wanted to research for a long time ago because you very often face this in routine.

  1. Multidimensional topics are not the best.

There is a stereotype among the students that the more complex the subject is, the more thorough the paper will be. But it would help if you considered that a research paper is not a dissertation. You have limits on the volume and format. You should meet the requirements to avoid any misunderstandings with the professors. Extra information is not a good idea.

  1. The formulation is crucial.

Every relevant topic should be appropriately formulated. It implies there is no place for repetition, tautology, very complex grammar constructions, etc. The formulation should be thorough but concise. It should be understandable to the reader what message you are eager to convey. Nevertheless, check specialized dictionaries to demonstrate your skills.

  1. Vocational specialty.

It would be best if you showed your professionalism from the first words of your topic. Never use primitive words and word combinations. The research paper increases your level of professionalism and competence in the field. To that end, you should prove you undertook thorough research, and your knowledge is sufficient to get an A+ grade.

List of Chemistry Research Paper Topics

  1. Hydrocarbon fuel, its types and use
  2. Synthetic rubbers: History, variety, and prospects
  3. Aromatic hydrocarbons as a raw material for the production of pesticides
  4. Carbohydrates and their role in wildlife
  5. The structure of glucose: The history of the development of ideas and modern views on it
  6. Ethanol: The most significant good and the worst evil
  7. Formic acid in nature, science, and production
  8. History of vinegar as an organic substance
  9. Esters and their importance in everyday life
  10. Fats as food and chemical raw materials
  11. Replacement of fats in technology with non-food raw materials
  12. Food shortage as a global problem of humankind
  13. Soaps: Kinds and their evolution
  14. Hygiene products based on organic compounds containing oxygen
  15. Synthetic detergents: Advantages and disadvantages
  16. Ammonia and amines are oxygen-free bases
  17. Amino acids are amphoteric organic compounds
  18. Synthetic fibers based on amino acids
  19. Protein structures and their destructuring
  20. Atomic mass and how does it influence the chemical element?

20 Organic Chemistry Research Paper Topics

  1. First theoretical ideas on organic chemistry
  2. Carbon and its structure
  3. Syntheses based on chitin
  4. Functional group and its importance
  5. Classification based on the carbon chain
  6. Range of organic compounds
  7. Homology and homological series in organic chemistry
  8. Obtaining biologically active substances
  9. Isomerism as a science about unique substance
  10. Complex compounds and their biological role
  11. Synthesis of cholesterol
  12. Modification of pectin substances
  13. Industrial syntheses based on hydrocarbons
  14. Obtaining drugs from organic substances
  15. Dietary fats and their use
  16. Nominal reactions in organic chemistry
  17. Syntheses based on carbonyl compounds
  18. Electrophilic substitution reactions
  19. Organic dyes: Are they harmful?
  20. Magnesium and its application in organic synthesis

20 Inorganic Chemistry Research Paper Topics

  1. Purification of drinking water from inorganic compounds
  2. Inorganic fertilizers and their use
  3. Analytical control in the technology of inorganic substances
  4. The relationship of inorganic substances
  5. Main types of chemical bonds
  6. Electrolytes, non-electrolytes, electrolytic dissociation
  7. Inorganic chemistry and its relationship with nanotechnology
  8. Application of the laws of thermodynamics
  9. Inorganic substances applicable in cosmetology
  10. Stages of development of inorganic chemistry
  11. Structure of atom: Main patterns
  12. Chemical reactions and their use in practice
  13. Acids and their use in chemical reactions
  14. Reasons for the breakdown of molecules into ions
  15. Catalysts and catalytic systems
  16. The influence of various factors on the reaction rate
  17. Chemical equilibrium and why is it critical
  18. The concentration of substances and their relationship
  19. Electrolysis in metallurgy
  20. Metals and non-metals in inorganic chemistry

20 Interesting Chem Research Paper Topics

  1. Natural antioxidants and their effect on processes in a living organism
  2. Complex compounds and their biological role
  3. Rubbers and their structure
  4. Oil desalination methods
  5. Ethylene and its derivatives in industrial organic synthesis
  6. Potent toxic substances
  7. Hydrogen bond and its biological significance
  8. Chromatographic analysis
  9. Atomic absorption analysis
  10. Methods for wastewater treatment from heavy metal ions
  11. Sources of formation of heavy metal ions
  12. Water deironing methods
  13. Analytical control in the technology of chemical and pharmaceutical drugs
  14. Determination of amino acids in their mixture
  15. Fat processing and food technology
  16. X-ray radiation and its use in technology and medicine
  17. Virtual modeling of chemical processes.
  18. The role of metals in the history of human civilization
  19. Corrosion of metals and methods of protection against corrosion
  20. Nanotechnology as a priority direction in the development of science and production

20 Biochemistry Research Paper Topics

  1. Biological water pollution
  2. Biological functions of proteins
  3. The protein basis of immunity
  4. Protein deficiency in foods and its overcoming
  5. Chemistry and biology of nucleic acids
  6. Biotechnology and genetic engineering: Technologies of the 21st century
  7. Environmental protection from chemical pollution
  8. Protecting the ozone globe from chemical pollution
  9. Water as a reagent and as a medium for a chemical process
  10. Ascorbic acid and why is it so effective?
  11. Antibiotics and their benefits
  12. Biological functions of proteins
  13. Biochemical reagents and their use
  14. Vitamins and their necessity for the organism
  15. Genes and how they influence the character of individuals
  16. DNA and RNA: Comparison
  17. Oxytocin and its role
  18. Carbohydrates and fats: Their interrelation in the human body
  19. Biochemistry of diabetes mellitus
  20. Interaction of DNA with biologically active substances

10 Chemistry Research Paper Ideas

  1. Start handling the assignment well in advance of the deadline.
  2. Never neglect thorough topic selection for your chemistry research paper.
  3. Choose a subject that is familiar to you enough.
  4. Stick to advice from true specialists competent in the field.
  5. Gather information solely on reliable sources.
  6. Add practical aspects to your paper to make it more illustrative.
  7. Reread all the text.
  8. Check the paper for typos, mistakes, and plagiarism too.
  9. Coherence is crucial in the paper.
  10. Entrust final proofreading to specialized services where experienced writers work.

Still Can’t Think of Any Good Topics on Chem Research Paper?

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