100 Biology Research Paper Topics ― Choose Your Idea Here

For a promising career in biology, you have to be aware of the fascinating things happening in the biology world today. Perceptions of nature and research-demanding tasks are changing depending on the historical period. We would like to satisfy a curious mind by saying that biology is as diverse as living organisms on the Earth.

You have got endless doors at hand to open. Therefore, if you are about to make your academic future in this field, we are glad to welcome you with the most up-to-date research paper topics about biology.

How to Select the Best Biology Research Paper Topic?

To pick the best research paper topics about biology, you should know the key points your paper should cover. First, regardless of the specific theme that you are going to study, note that you do it to change the entire field for the better. Suppose your topic is obsolete and doesn’t suggest a new perspective on life. Better to keep on searching until a thought-provoking one comes up.

Secondly, try to select neither extended nor narrow topics. On one hand, too general ideas can overwhelm your audience and won’t allow you to get into details. On the other hand, you will be restricted to limited available sources with narrow topics.

And last but not least, biology research paper topics must stand on solid scientific evidence. So pick a single idea provided you’ve conducted sufficient research through relevant and reliable sources. Then, follow those steps carefully and turn your research paper into a masterpiece.

Best List of Biology Research Paper Topics

Are you struggling with the ideas to start your paperwork? Then, let’s start the journey into the fantastic world of nature.

  1. Epidemiology and pandemics.
  2. Prions explained.
  3. Grounds and consequences of climate change.
  4. Behavioral economics: how does your biology impact your finances?
  5. How vital are endangered species for ecosystem integrity?
  6. What do we know about life outside the Earth?
  7. Synthetic biology explained.
  8. Can stress affect you through your genes?
  9. A biological understanding of abortion.
  10. How hormones affect the human mind and behavior.
  11. Biological explanation of bipolar disorder.
  12. What are mental health peculiarities based on gender?
  13. How does the fast food industry lead to rainforests extinction?
  14. History of biology: Darwin’s theory.
  15. Plants natural fight against disease
  16. Unique fungi types and their structure.
  17. Animal communication systems.
  18. Discovery of primates’ communication system.
  19. What are the regulations on pets’ obesity rate?
  20. Primates: what problems do they face today?
  21. How are animals used in the fashion industry? Ways to stop it.
  22. Human and non-human primates.
  23. Cognitive operations of primates compared to humans.
  24. How do wild animals change their behavior in zoos?
  25. Animal welfare ratings.

This impressive list above shows how diverse and multi-angled biology is. But unfortunately, the deeper you dive into it, the harder your choice can become. So let’s make your life easier by offering topics referring to separate fields.

20 Biology Research Paper Topics for College Students

The following topics are very suitable for both college and high school students. However, if you feel that most of the issues are too complicated for you, we have selected those that are very common among your peers and aren’t complex for analysis.

  1. The origin of humanity.
  2. Immune system disorders.
  3. How can we boost happy hormones?
  4. What are the benefits of vaccination?
  5. Biology behind drug addiction.
  6. Viruses explained.
  7. Male pregnancy phenomenon among animals.
  8. Are you allergic?
  9. Significance of fertilizers.
  10. Two central organ systems of plants.
  11. Human actions behind climate change.
  12. Brain processes.
  13. How nosocomial infections lead to death.
  14. What is the role of rare species of corals in the ecosystem?
  15. Dopamine or the “happy hormone.”
  16. What are the therapeutic effects of the melatonin hormone?
  17. Hormonal balance.
  18. We are made of cells.
  19. Are you stress-resistant?
  20. The immune system against viruses.

15 Human Biology Research Paper Topics

All protection-related experiments carried out in biology are priceless. Let’s not forget that we are an integral part of the natural world and regulators of the ecosystem overall. We are the only so far known explorers of the universe. That’s why it would be unacceptable to overlook human biology.

  1. Heritage of human DNA and its structure.
  2. Where is our memory?
  3. Genetic causes of aging.
  4. How can we stop aging?
  5. Genetic and non-genetic data storages of DNA.
  6. Computer science behind DNA.
  7. Comparison of orientation models.
  8. Visual cortex explained.
  9. Music therapy.
  10. Brain-related disorders.
  11. The self-repairing function of the human brain.
  12. Neurons’ communication system.
  13. Radiation rate and its profound effect on the human body.
  14. Cognitive features of the human brain.
  15. Is cancer truely incurable?

15 Cell Biology Research Paper Topics

Recent developments in cell biology are committed to treating diseases and destroying viruses. Therefore, writing research paper topics about biology in this field can be very rewarding for students. It has never been so relevant as it is today. Here are some ideas we suggest.

  1. Sources of stem cells.
  2. What are the grounds, signs, and therapies of Alzheimer’s disease?
  3. Cellular technology development.
  4. Fixed action pattern in biology.
  5. A study analysis in cell biology.
  6. How do cancer cells develop?
  7. What is cell metabolism?
  8. Animal cells.
  9. What are prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
  10. Cell communication.
  11. How do bacteria plague the body?
  12. What is the primary classification of cells?
  13. Dangerous cells in nature.
  14. Unicellular organisms.
  15. Red and white blood cells: what are their functions?

15 Molecular Biology Research Paper Topics

Being able to understand the world at the level of molecules is extraordinary. If you are about to make a career in this field of biology, you should know what scientists are studying right now. So let us introduce you to some of their areas of interest.

  1. Pathogenesis: Mosquito-borne diseases around the world.
  2. Gene system and features.
  3. How do molecules pass through a cell?
  4. The basic life block structure.
  5. Everything about synthetic drugs for humans.
  6. Vaccines against a specific disease.
  7. What is the difference between dominant genes and recessive genes?
  8. The destructive power of prion disease?
  9. Hormones: What role is given to them?
  10. Producing unnatural hormones from animals.
  11. Regulation of cell polarity under contradictory conditions.
  12. The three-dimensional construction of a molecule.
  13. What is a DNA record and its use?
  14. What are prion proteins?
  15. What is the major principle of molecular biology?

10 BONUS Biology Research Paper Ideas

If you are still ambivalent about research paper topics about biology,  let’s tickle your mind for the last time with the following inspiring ideas!

  1. Research on cloning.
  2. Why is cloning essential for future generations?
  3. Ethical aspects of cloning.
  4. Ethical aspects of abortion.
  5. Ethical aspects of animal testing.
  6. Abortion law regulations.
  7. Role of environment in genetic-related disorders.
  8. Robotic technologies in neuroscience.
  9. Latest innovations in neurobiology.
  10. DNA modification is possible.

It is not an easy job to write a research paper, let alone multifaceted biology. However, note that hard work pays off! Considering all the topic-selection tips listed above, you will achieve your wished heights.

If you have decided on the topic but still struggle with the time or proper writing skills, don’t worry. We understand that it’s not always possible to put all your duties on the back burner to start your research.

In such cases, you can turn to top-rated paper writers with the best linguistic skills. They are available for excellent and comprehensive work at any time.

Stop procrastinating! The world waits for new and creative minds like you, ready to accept challenges. So take a deep breath and start your revolutionizing research right now!