120 Art Research Paper Topics

Do you still have no idea what to start your research paper with? Select the most impressive topic to perform a stellar study. Below you have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the essential guide on how to choose the proper aspect for your research and formulate the topic correctly. Moreover, check the list of great topics and pick one for free!

Tips on How to Select the Best Art Research Paper Topics?

To pick a good topic for your research, you need to follow at least two main tips of the pro guide. If you grab your attention to the advice below, be sure no problem will occur in the process of selecting the theme for your study.

  1. Determine the aspect you prefer.

It is much easier to find a suitable topic if the range of choice is small. Pick the field you are eager to research the most. Then, surf the Internet and your educational program, and select a great topic.

  1. Do not try to overdo it.

Some students believe that the more complex formulation of the topic is, the more it seems thorough. Nevertheless, it doesn’t work like that. Your theme should be understandable enough and concise.

List of Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Decorative and applied art in antiquity
  2. Stained glass as a means of creating a spatial image
  3. Expressive possibilities of watercolor painting techniques
  4. Mythological plots in the monuments of fine artistry
  5. Canons of proportions in the image of the human figure
  6. Religious architecture of ancient Egypt
  7. Application of the theory of shadows in the drawing and painting of the landscape
  8. Landscape art in the culture of Japan
  9. Principles of creating characters in animated films
  10. Sentimentalism as an artistry
  11. Classicism in architecture and painting
  12. Romanticism as an art movement
  13. Postmodernism and its influence on artistic culture
  14. Art of Pre-Columbian America
  15. The traditional artistry of Africa
  16. Jazz: History and modernity
  17. Rock culture in world art
  18. Fashion cycling: Why does it work so?
  19. Television as a phenomenon of the cultural life of modern society
  20. Early forms of religious beliefs

20 World Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Hollywood and film development
  2. The phenomenon of performance and installation in contemporaries
  3. Advertising and its impact on the human tastes
  4. Improving socio-cultural activities in the context of entrepreneurship
  5. Privatization of masterpieces
  6. Copyright and its place in the modern art
  7. Organization of festival activities in the new economic conditions
  8. International competitions in the field of literature
  9. World awards in the field of art
  10. Could music be called the most popular kind of art?
  11. The most prominent singers ever: Why are they unique?
  12. Animation and current state of world cinemas
  13. Painting mainstream in the developed countries
  14. Musicians who changed the world order forever
  15. Assimilation of Asian culture through the art of anime
  16. Food trends and the era of consumerism
  17. Tea drinking in different countries around the globe
  18. Computer games as a piece of animation artistry
  19. Financing art and why is it insufficient for further progress
  20. The interrelation of artistry and scientific developments

20 Research Paper Topics on Minimalism Art

  1. The history of the development of minimalism
  2. Minimalism in architecture
  3. Japan as a country of formation of minimalism art
  4. Minimalism in interior design
  5. Aesthetic graphic design of the 21st century
  6. Extreme simplicity and precise functionality in minimalism
  7. Minimalistic motifs as a reaction to the emotional look of the artists of abstract expressionism
  8. Mathematically correct lattices and linear structures in minimalist painting
  9. Monochrome as the main color range of minimalism
  10. Street artistry of the 21st century
  11. Chaoticity in the minimalism
  12. Fashion trends at the end of the 20th century
  13. Materials in the minimalist interior
  14. Land art and its origin
  15. Strict conciseness in modern architecture
  16. Advertising techniques with minimalism motifs
  17. Imposed art of the 21st century
  18. Minimalism: Natural or artificial art?
  19. Reflection of limited choice in minimalism
  20. Balance and proportionality in contemporary interior

20 Interesting Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Director: His role and importance in the creative process
  2. Compositional construction of the performance with the use of modern plastique
  3. Perception of artistry in the current world
  4. Musical and choreographic design of the ballet
  5. Da Vinci and his masterpieces
  6. The mystery of the Black Square (painting)
  7. Information culture as a qualitative characteristic of human life
  8. Modern dance as a means of external and internal harmonization of personality
  9. Origami and tactility
  10. Psychology of myth
  11. Entertainer and host of the program: Traditional and modern models
  12. Classification of literary images
  13. Animation and contemporary feature films
  14. Use of computer technology in creating masterpieces
  15. Art and digitalization
  16. Technological features of staging concert and entertainment programs
  17. Theory of colors
  18. Fabrics and its importance in the current trends
  19. What generation is more passionate about art?
  20. Perception of the art in different minds

20 Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. The origins of painting as a genre (on the example of primitivism)
  2. The development of artistic genres
  3. The development of sculpture in the art of ancient Egypt
  4. The role of Etruscan art in the history of the art of Ancient Rome
  5. Great discoveries in the field of archeology in ancient Egypt
  6. Creative methods of the architects of Western Asia
  7. Surrealism is the art of the 20th century
  8. Formation of the Gothic style in architecture
  9. Antique realism
  10. Hellenistic masterpieces
  11. Painting is the work of Roman masters
  12. Painting and iconography of Byzantium
  13. The influence of Byzantine culture on the artistry of medieval Europe
  14. Sculpture in Gothic art
  15. The emergence of artistic culture
  16. The artistic culture of the Hellenistic era
  17. Painting in the 21st century
  18. The crisis of culture of the twentieth century and its impact on artistic culture
  19. The search for artistic style at the end of the 19th century (impressionism, symbolism, decadence)
  20. Critical realism of the 19th century in artistic culture

20 Renaissance Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Humanism as a characteristic feature of the culture and art of the Renaissance
  2. Elements of the creative culture of the Renaissance
  3. Mannerism and academicism
  4. Renaissance architecture
  5. The main achievements of literature, architecture, and art of the Renaissance
  6. The most prominent artists of the epoch
  7. The most significant masterpieces of Renaissance
  8. Timeline and main stages of the era
  9. The turning point in Renaissance
  10. Why is the period of Renaissance called so?
  11. Fresco in churches and cathedrals in the 17th century
  12. How did philosophy influence art in the 16-18th centuries?
  13. Role of an artist in the epoch of Renaissance
  14. What crucial changes in the art field occurred in the 17th and 18th centuries
  15. The Divine Comedy in the world art
  16. New aesthetic and artistic principles of the 17th century
  17. Monuments and development of sculpture techniques in Renaissance
  18. How did science influence art in the 18th century?
  19. What is the motherland of the Renaissance?
  20. Quattrocento art: architecture, sculpture, painting

10 Art Research Paper Ideas

  1. Start your research paper by picking the topic you are eager to study.
  2. Read and analyze information properly.
  3. Look through different sources to compare findings.
  4. Follow the format.
  5. Use vocational specialty.
  6. Write coherent sentences.
  7. Never rewrite someone’s opinions without providing citations or references.
  8. Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.
  9. Reread your paper a few times to get rid of typos.
  10. If you feel uncertain, turn for proofreading services to professionals.

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