120 Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Argumentative research papers are quite common assignments on different academic levels. The reason is their practicality. It is the most effective way to check the knowledge of a student. If you are good at the subject, you can provide strong arguments researching the matter and vice versa. Choose the most appropriate topic and perform a stellar paper!

Tips on How to Select the Best Argumentative Research Paper Topics?

As usual, professors give you a topic to handle a research paper. However, if it is a matter of your choosing, you should consider a few pieces of advice. With the guide from our pro specialists, you will never fail.

  1. Choose a subject from your field of interest.

The best way to simplify writing an argumentative paper is to make it your hobby. When you research the field you are keen on; you can double chances to handle it successfully.

  1. The topic should provide arguments.

This type of research paper implies writing arguments concerning the chosen subject. To that end, the formulation of the topic should be an affirmative phrase or sentence or a question providing the answer in the form of arguments.

  1. Find a matter you are good at.

Most students believe that the most effective way to perform stellar argumentative research is to choose a field of competence. In this case, you will face no difficulty finding and analyzing information. What is more, it will not be a problem to formulate your position and arguments.

List of Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. The Internet will create a world with a new order
  2. Only the elite can successfully run the state
  3. The state must not finance art
  4. The author of a work of art must own it to the full extent
  5. Use of force for peace
  6. Positive discrimination is absurd
  7. Individual freedom is a myth
  8. Free trade or trade barriers
  9. We don’t have enough heroes these days
  10. Compromise is the solution to the weak
  11. Matriarchy and patriarchy
  12. Radical changes do not live up to expectations
  13. A strong dictatorship is better than a weak democracy
  14. Language is an integral part of the culture
  15. Private property and economic development
  16. Why are illusions necessary?
  17. Bureaucracy is worse than tyranny
  18. Any kind of propaganda is immoral
  19. The value of resources is in their application
  20. Developing countries need firm government control

20 Debatable Topics for Research Paper

  1. Renewable energies are very efficient
  2. Animal testing is not justified
  3. Abortion is ethical
  4. Advertising creates artificial needs
  5. Patriotism or free choice of ideas
  6. Death penalty: For and Against
  7. Global warming: Myth or reality
  8. Terrorism must not be justified
  9. Why is genetic engineering unethical?
  10. English is the lingua franca
  11. Metropolis against village
  12. Nuclear energy is the best source of energy
  13. Terrorist attacks on the mass media
  14. Restriction of private democratic freedoms to prevent terrorism
  15. Advertising alcohol everywhere
  16. Early marriages are the ongoing issue
  17. Own interests are more important than state interests
  18. The government must control the birth rate
  19. Adults must take responsibility for children’s crimes
  20. Compulsory uniform in educational institutions

20 Argumentative Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Use of military force to bring peace
  2. Preferential treatment of ethnic minorities
  3. Restriction of freedom of speech
  4. Arguments in support of euthanasia
  5. Separation of church and state
  6. Economic growth is not justified when it is detrimental to the environment
  7. Immigration restrictions are justified
  8. Morality depends on the culture
  9. Men and women are equal to do any work
  10. Feminism is a harmful ideology
  11. Modern methods of punishment are imperfect
  12. Employing animals for scientific purposes is immoral
  13. Economic integration expands trade worldwide
  14. The need for global government
  15. Mass media harms our society
  16. More substantial sentences will reduce crime rates
  17. Criminal behavior is biologically determined
  18. Should juvenile offenders be punished equally as adults?
  19. The offender has to pay material compensation to the victim of his crime
  20. Rich countries take responsibility for the poor

20 Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. The cult of material value is the scourge of the modern world
  2. Computer games develop personality
  3. The need for nuclear disarmament
  4. Developing countries need dictatorship
  5. Extremism in defense of freedom is not a crime
  6. It is necessary to abandon the peaceful use of nuclear energy
  7. Preservation of the environment is more important than economic growth
  8. Without the appearance of new words, the language dies
  9. Copyright hinders progress
  10. The use of GMOs in food is justified
  11. Internet users should be held responsible for copyright infringement when downloading content
  12. Modern security systems violate the freedom of the individual
  13. Censorship undermines individual freedom
  14. Strict control of the media is needed when covering terrorist acts
  15. Harsher sentences will reduce crime rates
  16. Income from the sale of natural resources should be directed directly to citizens
  17. Science is not popular with young people
  18. The friendship between a man and a woman does not exist
  19. Children are more intelligent than their parents
  20. Marriage of convenience has more benefits than the marriage of love

20 Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Friendship relations are crucial to a person
  2. The power of corporations is too great
  3. Television has done more harm than good
  4. Compassion must be limited by financial means
  5. Violence among people is the result of oppression by the state
  6. Ethics should limit scientific research
  7. War is an unreasonable response to aggression
  8. Court decisions must reflect the opinion of society
  9. Lies are the solution to the weak
  10. The danger is the price of freedom
  11. People should be held accountable for the actions of their ancestors
  12. Obscenity is a way to express yourself
  13. The information must be free
  14. Security is more important than freedom
  15. Punishing a crime is more important than just removing its consequences
  16. Ecotourism and its effectiveness
  17. Cruciality of mental health
  18. Is it possible to get mutual consent?
  19. Rights and responsibilities: How to balance the two?
  20. The helpfulnesses of a sufficient dream for health?

20 Controversial Topics for Argumentative Research Paper

  1. All sports involving danger and violence must be prohibited by law
  2. Regular curriculum is critical in schools
  3. The voting age must be reduced
  4. The economy must be economical
  5. The UN should expand the protection of cultural rights
  6. Grades are not an effective tool for assessing student ability
  7. Watching television is detrimental to mental health
  8. There are more substantial incentives than financial incentives
  9. Social responsibility is the most important thing to be taught
  10. It is dangerous to know too much
  11. The client is always right
  12. Advertisers perform valuable functions for society
  13. Has technological progress changed our lives for the worse or, the better?
  14. Suicide is cowardice
  15. Progress always leads to regression
  16. Tourism does more harm than good to society
  17. The use of animals in scientific research is not justified
  18. The use of atomic energy is not justified
  19. Debate is not an effective way to resolve a dispute
  20. Financial engineering as an indicator of progress

10 Argumentative Research Paper Ideas

  1. Choose a good topic that provides for arguments.
  2. Research subject that corresponds to your field of interest.
  3. Formulate exclusively strong arguments.
  4. Express your ideas and points of view.
  5. Write 100% unique content.
  6. Provide explanations and proof of your opinions.
  7. Avoid incoherence.
  8. Be thorough but concise.
  9. Check the paper for repetition in the text.
  10. Apply for professionals to perform your paper perfectly.

Still Can’t Think of Any Good Topics on Argumentative Research Paper?

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