Anthropology Research Paper Topics – Top Ideas for A+ Result

The selection of the topic of the research paper is the most important stage in its writing. It depends on your choice whether you write it easily and quickly, or you write three sentences a day for the next three months.

Good topics for anthropology research papers give inspiration and motivation; the bad ones kill the desire to study and poison life.

How to Select the Best Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Sometimes you have situations where you do not have a choice. For example, the science director came up with a topic for you. There are no options.

However, an independent choice is an opportunity to choose the most interesting research direction for you.

So, you chose the topic of the research paper yourself. You can do this in one of three ways:

  1. Selection is based on previous papers. Even if you have not yet written a research paper, you probably already have coursework, checklists, and essays. They can be the foundation of your research paper.
  2. Selection is based on the choice of the subject of the study (or organization). If you can’t choose a topic, try to select the object of study first (which phenomenon you want to study). What obvious problems can you identify? The problem you have found will be the subject of work.
  3. Choosing is based on your hobbies. Yeah, that’s real, too! The research paper can overlap with your hobby – and this is the easiest way to make the process of writing a research paper fascinating. Think about what you’re interested in and how you relate that to a subject you’re studying.

Next, we will tell you how to choose from the list.

How to select from the list

When choosing from the list, you should be guided by the same rules – think about the basis of your finished works and your interests. If you choose this path, you will be sure that the chosen topic is:

  • Correctly formulated.
  • Relevant and reliable.
  • Your teacher knows it well.

Following these points would minimize the risk of error. Next, we have prepared for you a large list of anthropology research paper topics, which will be able to simplify the search significantly.

10 Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Contemporary problems of anthropology.
  2. Modern man and his ecological diversity.
  3. The main stages in the development of anthropological knowledge.
  4. Racial differences in humans. The emergence of races.
  5. Research methods in anthropology.
  6. Theories of human origin.
  7. The concept of race and the species unity of mankind.
  8. Anthropology and the problem of human-environmental relations.
  9. Human evolution (perspectives and trends).
  10. The main demographic trends of our time.

10 Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Physiological and psychological constitution, their relationship.
  2. Living conditions and body structure.
  3. Somatic acceleration.
  4. Morphological constitution. Basic principles of morphological typology. Types of constitutions in children.
  5. The constitution of the body and the character of the human being.
  6. Problems of constitutional anthropology.
  7. The influence of socio-economic factors on the morphological-functional characteristics of children and adolescents.
  8. Basic factors of dissolution.
  9. Sexual dimorphism in human growth and development.
  10. The main patterns and manifestations of growth and human development.

10 Biological Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Topical issues of age anthropology.
  2. Human lifespan and biology.
  3. General patterns of growth and development of the child.
  4. Anthropological aspects of the study of certain biochemical characteristics of human hair proteins and pigments and primate wool.
  5. The biological age of man. Determination of biological age.
  6. The biological future of mankind.
  7. Aging and prolonging life.
  8. Age changes in morphological traits, physiological and biochemical processes.
  9. Geography and human biology.
  10. Basic stages of human evolution.

10 Medical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. The stages of human ontogeny, their characteristics.
  2. Comparison of human and animal ontogenesis.
  3. Human genetic diseases: problems of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
  4. The dynamics of the development of the psyche and behavior of ancient man.
  5. Information significance and structure of variability of human craniofacial features.
  6. Morphological variability of human sternum bones.
  7. Morphological analysis of the dental arch and its determinants.
  8. Dermatoglyphic phalanges of fingers: anthropological and forensic aspects.
  9. The influence of environmental and genetic factors on human hormonal status in different ethnic groups.
  10. Anthropological aspects of the study of human hormonal status.

More Ideas for Successful Writing

If a topic is bad, further work may become intolerable. Let us first consider the typical errors that occur at this stage:

Choosing is based solely on interests. Yes, it should be interesting. However, «interesting» – does not mean relevant or well-studied in science. Approach the choice wisely, and remember the relevance and specificity of the subject.

It is too abstract. There is no specificity in the wording of the topic – the work will be about everything and nothing.

It is too narrow. The reverse problem is the topic is too narrow, and you have nothing to write about.

The choice is made without reviewing the sources. When you start writing, you’ll find that there are no sources. Or there is, but they’re expired, and you can’t use them. If nothing has been written on the chosen theme in the last few years, likely, it is not relevant.

The topic is not well formulated. Ignoring the need for prior examination of sources may lead you to an illiterate formulation. An illiterate formulation would lead to the wrong set of goals and objectives. In the end, all the work could be wrong, and you would have to start over.

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